Your role in the group essay

The United States is known to have one of the best academic programs to offer therefore many foreign students had come to various states of the country in order for them to attain the best education. As an active student which presents interest for other people’s culture. I have gotten interested in participating for a program which is counseling a diverse group of foreign exchange students. Different members have their own roles in order to contribute to the success of the program.

Given that I have an experience being a teacher, one of my main duty was to come up with ideas which will supplement the enjoyment and interest of the participants. In addition, I was also in charge with the creating a rough draft regarding various topics such that of the challenges which is faced by foreign students as well as the challenges of the counselors while counseling the students. Together with Heather, another member of the team we were able to do the rough draft as well as the power point slides to present our study.

Through working in a group, my learning was shaped through the process by which we make decision and act as a team. I realized that I was not about the activities or the subject of foreign students that I have learned a lot. But it is through the process of coordination, teamwork, unity and decision making that I have gained more knowledge. In a positive aspect, the team that I worked with had well coordination that every duty that was present in the team is well distributed that it complements our expertise and interests in the project that we have done.