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Whereare we: A summary

Inthe first chapter of “Where do we go from here…” by MartinLuther, there is a review of the landscape of the movement of civilrights. The author also surveys the achievements of these movementsand the challenges that were prevailing at that time (1967). Thechapter is divided into four sections. In the first section,it is clear that by the year 1967, the blacks and their whitecounterparts had been able to integrate public amenities and passsignificant voting rights (1965). Nevertheless, it remained elusivefor true equality in education, jobs, housing and health. Integratingpublic facilities and winning the voting rights were fairly cheapattainments for the white society to absorb. Luther takes asignificant part of the second section to address the whites. Heargues that a black person is 50 percent of a person. According tohim “Half of all Negroes live in a substandard house”. Blacks hada double share of negative experiences compared to the whites. In thethird section, the author mainly addresses the African-Americans. Hewarns against falling into negativity. Despite powerful opposition,a lot of progress was realized in the South and blacks learned theorganization power which in turn transformed their lives mentallyfrom impassiveness and reverence to self-respect anddignity. Lastly, Luther reminds us that the victory so far issmall in comparison with what is needed for sincere equality. Theachievements so far were done by a small percentage of thepopulation. In his argument, King directs his intention to the North,which had offered colleagues in the struggles against isolation inthe South but notes that the next phase of the fight must target thecities in the North where the Blacks still reside in the basement ofthe Great Society.