Yamato Takeru vs Sugawara no Michizane essay

As we talk about the legendary Japanese heroes, we see that there were differences in the lives of both. They both had different roles to play in their respective time. Both are from the ancient period of this world, in 70-130ad was when Yamato Takeru was known as a legendary hero and that too was accounted for as he was one of the eighty children who were the emperor’s off springs. His died as a result of being wounded by mountain deity.

His mind worked in such a way that once he was sent to kill a notorious outlaw who was such an expert swordsman that all who had gotten in his way were killed, this was a challenge for Yamato Takeru and so he used his mind to think how he could coax that bandit and then go on with his plan to destruct him slyly. He started off by being such good friends that they started going for swimming together every now and then.

One fine day when Yamato Takeru was assured the bandit harbored no suspicions he was ready to act and what he decided was to bring a wooden sword along with him which he could exchange with the bandit’s sword while the bandit was out of sight. Yamato succeeded once the plan worked accordingly and voila the bandit’s head was chopped in just one go. If we take a look at the other hero who was born in 845ad, since Michizane was known to be genius during his childhood, and then became a court scholar to serve the emperor, the emperor loved Michizane and so was promoted to a minister.

That was an extraordinary promotion for a scholar without a backup by noble houses, so most noble members and other scholars envied him. This individual died due to his illness and that too in the mid of a false conspiracy that went on to accuse him. This lead to his demotion from a minister to a local officer and so he was very disappointed, and vengeful against the noble and the scholars. Strange events have been taking place since his death and the people said that his apparition was returning.

In 910ad the emperor declared Michizane as innocent and ordered several shrines to be built in order to calm the ghost. These efforts actually helped in halting the disaster that struck Dazaifu and Kyoto. Nowadays, Michizane is known as a god of study and academia. Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine in Fukuoka is always full of people who pray for entrance-examinations. He is well known as a great doctor of literature and as a great politician. He is one of the most famous persons in Japanese history.

Japanese mythology is a fascinating collaboration of dashing heroes, supernatural being and intelligent animals of love and hate, gratitude and resentment, gentleness and cruelty. Michizane and Yamato Takeru apart from their contribution to Japanese people and their culture are also part of that mythology. This is just a brief overview of the major gods and goddess, heroes, and animal deities of Japanese mythology.


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