World War II Events and Alliances that led to the Cold War. essay

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WorldWar II Events and Alliances that led to the Cold War.

Regardedas one of the historical events globally, Cold war was attributed tothe World War II. Even before the Second World War, the Soviet Unionand the United States were not on the best of terms. For a long time,the Soviet Union had blamed the US and Britain for trying to destroythe Bolshevik Revolution in 1918. The US and its western alliesmistrusted the Soviet Union for making a treaty with the centralpowers in 1918 (Thompson). As a result of its treaty with the centralpowers, the US and its allies were left to fight the central powersalone.

However,during the Second World War US-Soviet relations improved. This waswhen the Soviet Union joined the alliance against Germany in 1941(Morison). Despite its cooperation, the US and the western countriesmistrusted the Soviet Union. This was owing to the fact that beforeGermany invaded it, the Soviet Union had made a commercial agreementwith the Nazis. A majority of states in the alliance questioned theloyalty of the Soviet Union. Similarly, the Soviet Union claimed thatthe US and Britain purposefully delaying D-Day. Stalin argued thatboth states delayed the planned assault so that Germany could weakenit further (Moss Barbier). At the end of the war drew closer, themistrust between the US and the Soviet Union had worsened, especiallyafter the US used the first nuclear bomb on Japan.

Thecold-war was the subsequent outcome of the events in World War II.The term cold war was used to describe the postwar tensions betweenthe US and the Soviet Union. International relations were adverselyaffected and the world was divided into distinct camps. NATO stateswhich comprised of the US and other western nations and the WarsawPact states which were the Soviet Union and its Eastern Europecommunist satellite countries (Morison). To date, the events of thecold war such as the Cuban missile crisis, increased tension in theinternational community.


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