Words and expressions essay

When I was on my way at home, I accidentally met one of my close friends whom I haven’t seen for such a long time already. She asked “How are you? ” and I answered “Well, the world goes round and round. The wheel of life is turning and I am uncertain of which side I am in”. Upon hearing this, my friend immediately held my hands. She was looking so curious and was full of questions. She looked so surprise because she knew me as a very happy, cheerful, carefree person and that problems aren’t existing in my life at all. But this time, I was true to my feelings.

She tapped my shoulder while we were on the side of the road and she said that if ever I needed someone to talk to she will be there for me. I saw her eyes and it was full of queries that she wants an immediate answer. Before she left, she told me that whatever is happening to my life right now all I have to do is to pray and keep my faith for surely I will go through the circumstances as a winner. In this experiment, when my friend asked “How are you? ” and I answered surprisingly, I noticed her actions, words and expressions changed.

She was full of concern upon hearing my answer. It was so unexpected for her to hear me respond like that. Because of this experiment, I learned that everyday interactions are unexpected and that the kind of interactions we share to someone depends on the responses we make. Everyday interactions are different and it depends on us if we make that interaction as happy and as sad depending on our reactions and replies. We must be truthful in every answer we make and most importantly, our responses are important because they make a great difference in our communication.