Women Screening essay



Screening for health conditions among women remains to be an integralaspect of any given health care set up. Younger and older womenpossess different demographic characteristics such as age influencethe screening method. For example, screening for cervicalcancer highlights a case where a difference in age plays a crucialrole when it comes to the method employed for the given procedure.Human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV vaccine) should be administeredthree times for lifetime protection of girls from contracting thedisease. However, for patients, who have been determined to be tooold, they may be barred from getting the same because of the effectsassociated. An example is the R1500 vaccine that has been recommendedfor women who are the age of twenty-six or younger (Stadler, Delany,&amp Mntambo, 2008). Women above the stipulated age may not be in aposition to access the same. Blood pressure values differ betweenyounger and older women. In conducting the screening, it could becrucial to factor in the variations resulting from the same. Also,younger women have different kinds of social, mental and physicalissues that could be affecting them based on their age group (Tharpe,Farley, &amp Jordan, 2013).

Implications of Difference

The implications of such a move are that use of a given screeningtool for a population with a different age size could yieldmisleading results. For example, the female reproductive anatomydiffers among young and older women (Schuiling &amp Likis, 2013).The kind of treatment used depends on results of the screeningnegating the need to consider the difference in age. That explainsthe variation in screening methods for younger and older women.


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