Women contraception Treatment essay

Womencontraception Treatment


Womencontraception Treatment

CaseStudy 2

Thecontraception treatment suitable for the twenty-five-year-old Latinalady will be a contraceptiveinjection called Depo. It comprises of one hormone known as depotmedroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA). It is an artificial form ofprogesterone, which is synthesised by the body naturally(Guillebaud, 2011).The injection lasts between twelve to fourteen weeks. It discontinuesovulation, and stops sperms from entering the uterus by making thefluid at the uterine opening, thick. Since her gynecologic test isnormal, she is suitable to use the DMPA injection.

TheLatina female experiences painful menstrual cramping, hence, theprogesterone hormone in the injection will help lower the pain. It issuitable because there will be a fifty percent chance of her notexperiencing her periods, which may be advantageous(Schuiling &amp Likis, 2012).Since she has sex with only one male partner, it will be beneficialto them, as they will have sex at any time without the need foradditional contraception. The woman has never been pregnant.Therefore, her need for long-term contraception will be met by theDepo injection. Additionally, no person will know she is using itunless she tells him or her, and it may protect her againstendometrial cancer.

Failureby the lady to agree with my recommendations will call for a furtherexplanation concerning the significance of the injection, and addressher fears regarding the side effects. I will inform her that herfertility will reduce. However, it will only take 9 to 10 months forher fertility to become normal after discontinuing the injection(Tharpe, 2013).There will be a possibility of her gaining weight, but it will not becompulsory for it to occur. If she continues to disagree, I will giveher the option of using condoms during sex until she is ready forpregnancy.


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