Woman president essay


Electionsin America are held after every four year. The electorate determinesthe right candidate they should vote. Candidates chosen either belongto the Democratic or Republican party. At times particular candidatesmay decide to vie as independent candidates. Citizens are influencedby existing ruling system to evaluate their election choicesaccording to the different issues within the country at any one time.However for many years, the candidates going to the final stage ofthe election are men (Asma). The coming elections will witnesssomething different. A female candidate, Hilary Clinton may benominated by the Democratic Party to run for the presidentialelections. &nbspThe Republican nominee, Donald Trump is however nothappy about the situation. That is why he campaigning against Hilary.This paper makes an analysis of Donald Trump campaign against HilaryClinton as a female candidate.

DonaldTrump is not happy that Hilary is a woman who has high chances ofgetting elected. This may be due to the history that she is making tobe the first Democratic nominee for the 2017 elections. She hasworked on her strategies to ensure that she wins the highest numberof delegates in the coming elections (Asma).She is gone ahead to make the electorate understand the need for amore qualified opinion as part in determining the candidate of theirchoice. Trump should stop feeling like the electorate will free heras their candidate. Themore she works on implementing a more proactive approach, the bettershe will be in a position to win the elections with a high margin.She has done all the fundamentals to develop a more focused approachthat attracts more from the Republican side (Asma). It seems thatAmericans are ready for a woman president who can take the nation toright standards of economic prosperity. They have made their choicethat they should vote woman and Hilary happens to be that choice.


Menhave always believed they can make the best president. They thinkwomen are less qualified to be the president of United States ofAmerica. Trump thinks by claiming that Hilary will get sympathyvotes, can make voters change their mind. He is using the ‘the mancard’ to make voters he is more qualified as man to run forpresidency. In addition Trump is not happy about the variousstrategies he has as part of her presidential bid. He understandsthat most of the voters are men. By making the audience have adifferent opinion regarding their voting choice, they are more likelyto be part of his voters. This is an analogy that does not work wellin the developed countries. People have their voting decisions wellestablished according to the existing national development agenda.They do not have an opinion that can be easily be changed. Therefore‘the man card’ he is playing will not work well in advancing thenational agenda.


Asit relates to voting, gender is not an issue that can determine thechoice by the electorate. Whether a candidate is male or a female,the voters still have their choices right. They are out to look forthe candidate that works well in addressing the affairs of thecountry at the right proportion. Therefore Trump should stop playingthe man card because it will not help.


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