With That Moon Language: A Reflection of Life essay

With That Moon Language: A Reflection of Life The poem entitled With that Moon Language which is written by Hafiz discloses the secrets of a person’s heart in relation to expression of love. The basic purpose of the poem is to teach a man’s soul in expressing love in the most discreet way by using sweet moon language (O’Niel 1). Sweet moon language is an expression that promotes sweetness even in slightest gesture and proves that there is meaning beyond absurdity (Alberta 1). The poem also gives evidence that we receive the same degree of love in proportion to how much we offered.

Hence, it is the desire of the author to reflect expression of love in the most discreet yet touching way to a person’s heart and share love to all those who would accept it. Every single day is an opportunity to express love to other people. Expression of love may be showed in different ways but the most serious and profound is expressing it through sweet moon language. Even in the slightest gesture of a person flows a real essence of love. A mother who is also a housekeeper is worthy of an appreciation upon showing compassionate love to her child or husband by means to preparing their meal in the most special way.

Oftentimes, we fail to acknowledge that our parents are the most essential treasure that we have in life and we always take them for granted by not expressing joy in the little things that they too. Expressing our love and concern to our loved ones and even to other people does not have to be grand and expensive, what matters are that it came from the deepest part of our hearts. Aside from that, we should not complicate the way we express feelings of love and affection towards our loved ones. Absurdity creates chaos while simplicity promotes a lasting relationship.

There are times that people demand loudly from others to love them but failed to give love. We should be reminded that we become worthy to be loved in return if we know how to sincerely love other people through constant expression of charity, compassion, deep respect and hope. We know that our loved ones commit mistakes no matter how we loved them. It is for us to forgive them and accept them as they are. The great pull in us to connect with our loved ones is triggered by our ability to tolerate and accept one’s weaknesses and failures.

There are times in our lives that we give only the love that we can afford to loose. Hafiz showed us the proper way to share our love towards other people. He mentioned in the poem that it is fabulous to express love through sweet moon language instead of sharing love while waiting for something in return. We give love to other people because it is right to do it. We must not withhold any feelings of love and affection to our loved ones out of their inability to love us in return.

Hafiz is certain that if we give love in the best way we can, we could reap fabulous blessings like peace of mind, serenity, abundance, and even temporal and spiritual wealth. Our actions speak louder than our words in the way we express love to other people. Our loved ones can detect any pretensions and false remarks of which the human heart suffers tremendously. Thus, we should be sincere in expressing love and do it through sweet moon language that inspires a soul all the time. We must give all the love that we could offer for all the right reasons.

Hafiz never failed to remind us that people love to hear our silent actions that projects true and unconditional love. We could touch the lives of other people by giving good example and inspiring others to live life through happiness and sharing. We can only gain happiness through sincere expression of love and affection. Parents are taught to love their children by showing true love in all circumstances. Neighbors in the community can express their love with one another by sharing their blessings and helping others who needs support. When we go out for work, we smile and inspire others that we meet along the way.

All these things are example of how we express love through sweet moon language. Hence, our silent and sincere actions gently touch a person’s heart in one way or another. Finally, the great pull in us to connect to other people reveals our intentions (O’Niel 1). What is the use of a love that is expressed under the guise of pretentious smiles and nods? Love must be expressed through sweet moon language. There is no need to announce our love and affection towards another, if our intentions are pure and honest. Our silent gestures provide them the message that we truly care.

Therefore, expression of love must be done sincerely and with all honesty in order to gain harmony and peace in the world. We receive true love and happiness if we give love to other people sincerely.

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