Why People are Poor essay


WhyPeople are Poor

Thereading, Vulnerabilityand Poverty: What are the causes and how are they related?Has provided that there are different reasons why people may beconsidered poor. From the reading, one of the reasons why people arepoor is because of warfare. The reading indicates that when there iswarfare, people are led to poverty since warfare leads to a drop inaverage income. The reading also indicates that people are poor dueto agricultural cycles and natural disasters. Because of pooragricultural cycles and natural disasters, people are not capable ofproducing sufficient supplies, which make it hard for them to getadequate resources that can sustain them. Natural disasters such asfloods bring problems to the people, so they have an impact of makingpeople poor.

Anotherreason why individuals are poor according to the article is that ofcorruption and social inequality. When individuals are kept away fromaccessing an emerging opportunity due to their class or group, whichthey belong to, they lack resources that they could use in copingwith life. This makes them end up in poverty. Also, the readingpoints out that illiteracy and diseases could contribute to peoplebeing poor. Because of illiteracy, individuals are not in a positionto use opportunities that emerge. Furthermore, because of diseasessuch as HIV-AIDS, people become less productive a move that exposesthem to poverty.

Thereading has also brought about the issue of vulnerability. Accordingto the article, vulnerability entails exposure to contingencies aswell as stress and having problems in handling them. According to thereading, there is a connection between poverty and vulnerability.Poor individuals are considered to be part of the vulnerable groupsbecause of their inability to cope up with the challenges that theyare exposed to in their lives. The reading is fast to note thatvulnerability and poverty have an interconnection since each cancause the other. While poverty makes individuals vulnerable todifferent shocks, their vulnerability worsen their poverty.

Thereading is important in making the class better understand the issueof poverty particularly, the article helps the class to understandin a better way why individuals are poor. Through providing the classwith the causes of poverty, the reading has provided the class with abetter understanding of why individuals are usually poor. Also, giventhe causes of poverty, the class has been helped to fathom how theycan be in a position to avoid poverty. In addition, the article hasmade it possible for the class to understand the interrelationshipamid poverty and vulnerability.


Oneof the discussion questions for the class concerns the elimination ofpoverty and is the reading has provided four reasons why people arepoor. Is it possible to reduce the number of poor people, in case thereasons for individuals being poor as provided in this reading couldbe tackled appropriately?

Thesecond question for the class concerns the issue of poverty andvulnerability. The question is from the reading, it has beenindicated that there is an interrelation between poverty andvulnerability because each of the two can cause the other. Is itpossible to reach such a time that there will be no interrelationbetween the two aspects or a situation where poverty will not resultin vulnerability or where vulnerability will not result in poverty?