Why I Want To Be an Automotive Service Technician essay

WhyI Want To Be an Automotive Service Technician

Iam a self-motivated individual with apprenticed skills in automobilerepair. Vehicles fascinated me since I was a teenager. Furthermore, Ihave 3-year military training, which emphasizes every officer to havebasic mechanical engineering skills. I also owned a car that Irepaired personally. For example, I swapped its engine beforereselling it, which makes me believe I have immense skills in thefield. I also feel that I am for the technician job because I am afast learner. After I had purchased a 98 Firebird, I observed keenlythe way the mechanics fixed the vehicle every time it broke down. The experience makes it possible for me to diagnose and fix variousmechanical issues in almost every car. My childhood friend owns agarage in our neighborhood. He has molded my interest in the field ashe allows me to apprentice in his shop.

Currently,I am looking for a position to further my existing experience in aformal learning environment. Despite that I have been away from aschool environment for a long time, I am confident that I can easilyadjust into educational environment, as I am an excellent teamplayer. My career ambition is establishing a center for providingautomotive repair services that will both hone my existing skills, aswell as, help in the development of my knowledge in the field.Alternatively, I would like to work in a multinational carmanufacturing plant.

Itbehooves me to state that I had begun college immediately aftercompleting high school, and I was pursuing the same automotivecourse, but financial constraints forced me to drop out. Anopportunity to resume college would be a second chance for me toredeem my shattered career ambitions.

Anotherreason I want to be an automotive technician is that I would like toengage in an activity that would enhance my productivity in thesociety while at the same time earning a living out of it. My time inthe army embedded my conscious with a responsibility of serving otherpeople. As such, vehicle repair service aligns to the duty ofearning a living through serving a community. Furthermore, I willhave an opportunity to develop apprentices and disseminate knowledgeto individuals interested in automotive repair.

Ihave high self-confidence and brilliant personal communicationskills, thanks to my background in the army and temporary corporatejobs. I can easily strike a rapport with strangers. The skills willbe essential for acquiring new clients as well as retaining theexisting ones.

Lastly,the military training helped me to develop high perseverance andability to work under pressure and in hardy regions that mostmechanics avoid. For instance, I can work in desert areas and in warzones where the army often like their vehicles fixed quickly. Myfriends always commend me for being organized, fast and able tomulti-task. Subsequently, I can efficiently work on strict deadlines.Furthermore, my unrelenting desire to acquire new knowledge will be apowerful force for me to study emerging automobile technologies,which will, in turn, be essential to meet the needs of my entireclientele.