When there is a war essay

When there is a war to be fought, a country mobilizes it’s regularly, uniformed troops to fight the enemy. Further assessment of the enemy’s capacity to wage war may require that you call upon any reserve fighting force that you may have at your disposal. There is another stage I warfare. This is when you come to the conclusion that the enemy has the capacity to annihilate you. When that stage is reached, you send a message to all able-bodied men and even friends. Last week a very significant study took place.

My study group in collaboration with the university organized a conference on the role of European and international financial institutions. The discussion was a fitting forerunner to another to be organized by the whole masters level students of the university scheduled for next week. The overall objective was to study, share and explore ways in which the European and international financial institutions will assist in the development of international capital markets and providing sources of financial to corporate going international.

Members of my study group were given two days to collect information regarding the subject which was to be presented to the meeting for discussion by members. My contributions were on the development of international capital markets and their role in financing corporate with strategic abroad investment objectives. My contribution was due research from internet search engines, world bank statistics, listening to business media discussions and interviewing international financial institutions employees .

First I started watching television footage when the World Bank boss was being interviewed over the promotion scandal and later read the international business magazine. Before the kick off, the members of the group were asked by the chair, to state the time they took to carry out their research and how allocated time to each research sources. They were further asked to listen attentively and take notes for report writing about the meeting.

Our tutor set the ball rolling by informing us that as early as 1945 the world did not have a defined international capital market for mobilizing her resources cross sea investment. But from early 1980’s billions of dollars are crossing seas in form of investments abroad and foreign exchange earning. Countries like united Arab emirate and Mexico are thriving well because cross seas foreign earnings. He challenged the group to discuss the topic exhaustively and come up with feasible solutions to further development of the market.

The chair informed members that each had ten minutes to present his/her findings to the group. After the chair I was given an opportunity be the first one to present my finding on the topic. I began by introducing the topic of discussion “Development of international capital markets and their role in financing corporate with abroad investments strategy” I explained to the group the time management technique like allocating time to each research method used.

I told the group that the objective of my study was to discover the role of Eurobond and Euro equity as a financing source for companies investing abroad, how more capital market can be developed, institutions for the development and expansion of financing institution and find out challenges faced by the countries trying to develop capital markets for international financing. I nformed the group, that I used all the techniques learned in course in the data collection and analysis. I listened attentively to television discussion and took notes on the World Bank boss scandal.

I further prepared questionnaires for the employees working in the international financial institutions. In my research, I encountered many limitations: Many employees interviewed were not willing to be interviewed, limited number of institutions I was able to reach, the funds available were limited and some websites did not have enough materials about some statistics. I gave the group my contributions by taking the theme head on and present the comprehensive analysis of the subject.

I further observed that the development of these capital markets and free flow of foreign exchange will reduce the illegal Immigrants and distribute economic development across the world. The consequences of imigration like loss of educated and skilled people, loss of investment in Africa and south America will be no more. I listed the following as benefits that will accrue from the development of these markets; philanthropic and charitable work will be made easy, trade and tourism will also be enhanced. World, investment will be accelerated as funds will be a available, and easy remittance of foreign earning bank home.

In my sampling and data analysis I realized that direct investment will be the most effective if the financial institutions were strengthened. They will have multiplier effect on development, employment, wealth creation for nations and reduction of illegal immigrants. Direct investment may take different modes like international financial market collaborating with governments, multinational to remove administrative and legal obstacles. It took me ten minutes to take through the group over the work although it was not very exhaustive.

The chair gave another member of the group who talked about bank and risk management. The member dwelt on the development of a common equity market and bank for multinational where anyone can invest and provide funds for the companies. In the discussion the following terms were defined and their importance in the study. Study group is a team of students who came together for a common topic. Each student took part in one area or another. Study groups foster competition among the students and produces goods results. Study groups are very important in discussion and passing of knowledge among students.

Study groups have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of disadvantages are that some students may not wish to participate in the group either because of rivalry. Study skill is the topic or the chosen theme for the study group. My theme was the development of international capital market and how it acts as a source of funding raising for companies that wish to expand their business cross seas. Time management is very important in any activity of study. Students should allocate their time to each sub-topic as per the quantity and quality of work to be covered in the sub-topic.

The time allocation in case of research should be more as compared to data analysis time. Proper time management requires one to formulate a timetable that will guide him in completing the research and representing the paper to the class. The researcher should show clearly in the timetable how much time will be used in research, writing the report, and editing the report Listening skills are skills that are developed with time and they assist the researcher to use television and radio as means of gathering data for the research.

He can also gain skills in conferences, seminars together information for his research. In my case, I used the skills while I was listening to my group members when we were deliberating on the topic of our discussion. The group members were required to listen and take notes for each members contribution in the meeting because this was to form part of our final term paper. In seminars and conferences, all data is collected through note taking techniques. The writer should know how to use short forms in taking notes and his work is always tested through the notes he takes.

Taking notes is extremely very important and it requires the students to be very much neat and clear. They should understand the short form they are using to assist them in the final report writing. Information gathering is the process of gathering useful data which will be analyzed and assist in decision making. While gathering information the research many methods are used like questionnaires, interviews and internet search engines. After one has collected informed the next step is to summaries it and in form of executive summary.

When using questionnaires in information gathering, the researcher drafts questions which he gives the interviewers for filling. Then the questions are analyzed in the form of tables and calculated in the form of graphs. Interview requires face to face approach to the interviewer. Researching sources are those sources where the researcher collects data. They include libraries, internet search, journals and articles written by scholars. When using these forms of sources as a research source, one need to quote the source of the information.

In summarizing the information, the researcher collects, tabulates and analyzes the data. After analyzing the data, he writes a summary of all he has done and what his findings are. In research or essay writing , copying other researchers work is prohibited and if one uses the already existing work is prohibited and if one uses the already existing work he should not copy the work. This is what is called plagiarism. Essay writing is the act of writing a report in a specific way accepted after some information has been corrected.

An essay always contains a topic, a body, the method of referencing is also important and always has a cover sheet. The cover sheet should be signed by the student. In the introduction part of an essay, the student gives an outline of what he is discussing; he defines the terms and addresses the necessary issues. In the body he will discuss the topic, how he corrects his data and he should show references in form of citations or footnotes. Lastly, an essay should have a conclusion which summarizes the whole paper.