What you learned from your chosen topic essay

Through the studies and analysis of our team, we have learned that every one year stay of the foreign students’ in the United States is equivalent to a total of one year in their countries. There are also times in which their schools do not consider their stay in the United States as a valid academic year for the foreign students. Moreover, the foreign students need to repeat another year in order to continue their studies in their country.

In addition the agencies which are connected to the organization do not have reliable area representatives. As a result, the host families truly have a hard time coordinating with the agencies. Occasionally the ineffective area representatives are reflecting upon the host families which are accommodating the foreign students through various consequences.

In order for me to apply the learning that I have gained in participating in the foreign exchange students’ program, I do believe that in school we must have a meeting once a week. This meeting will be a sharing time in which teachers will present their past activities and update their co-teachers about the progress that they have done. In addition, my experience on working with foreign exchange students will enable me to encourage other students to actively participate in various curricular activities that would help in assisting foreign exchange students.

On the other hand, through my wide experience and studies with foreign students, I would be able to share to my co-teachers on what types of challenges are ahead if they are interested in teaching foreign exchange students. Through my knowledge, the assumed problems in teaching foreign students will be lessen which will result to a much effective way of providing knowledge to the students.  In the team, Kerry and Heather were my team mates.

All of us were great team members due to the coordination that we had. Kerry, who had a technical expertise about PowerPoint presentations, took the PowerPoint done by Heather and made it much presentable and interesting. Heather on the other hand, got my written rough draft and created a PowerPoint presentation out of it. In addition, Heather also made a handout to be provided to the audience. All of us in the team is deserving of an A+ because we worked as a team. We were all well coordinated with each other. In addition, we all worked according to our interests and expertise.