What a homeless person ? essay

Explain what a homeless person is: Homelessness is a major crisis that has greatly influenced our lives. Many may perceive that those we call homeless people are people that are either mentally ill or a big threat to society. This, however, is not necessarily true. A large amount of people who are homeless are those who, sadly to say, have either been neglected from their homes, victims of natural catastrophes (caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, flood, etc. ), runaways (from a bad home environment), and unemployed people who are unwillingly forced to leave their homes because they cannot pay rent….

You might also want to start explaining your project in the intro: The project was in my group of four we were to dress up as homless people and go to a shopping mall and see how we were treated. BODY Your project: explain the procedures of your project and how your group came up with the idea. — We all smelled and dressed very discusting and people responded the way they would to a homeless person even though we were not real. Explain what it is like to be homeless… Reasons why some people are homeless (causes):

How homelessness affect the US in general (or you can also back it up with facts, charts, statistics) What are some ways to minimize better this situation (help the homeless) How society views homeless people (stereotypes): hobos, bums, low, a threat, mentally ill, criminal… What are some ways to decrease people stereotyping of the homeless Define terms: prejudice, social stratification, unfairness


Explain your thoughts on the project itself Explain how your views of the homeless changed