West Jet Airline Value Chain Analysis essay


WestJet Airline Value Chain Analysis


Itis crucial to note that inbound logistics are vital for the survivalof the company and ensure smooth operation within it. Some of them inWest Jet Airlines include the receiving of products for consumptionby customers such as food stuff. In addition, another criticalinbound logistics include the services that the customers get eitherwithin or outside the company which is offered by the staff (Horng,2006).These are crucial for the efficient operation of the enterprise, forinstance, excellent services by staff include educating the customerson the benefits of using the company’s flight compared to theothers and showing them on how they should conduct themselves whileon board.


Theprimary activity of the company is to ensure efficiency in allprocesses regarding the flights for the passengers. For instance,there should be no issues of time wastage so that the plans of thecustomers are not affected. Therefore, the company’s primaryoperation is to ensure that the clients have their flights on time sothat they can reach their destinations early. Other operations withinthe company include the use of effective cabs that can transport thepassengers in and out of the airport safely.


Theseentails monitoring the movement of the finished products to theconsumers. One of the unique outbound logistic of West Jet Airlinesis its capability of moving passengers more quickly compared to otherrivals. This is linked to its reliance on one type of plane andeliminating the advanced seat assignment that fastens the boardingprocess.

Marketand Sales

WestJet Airlines started as a small company with its major market inCanada. Over time, it has shown a tremendous growth and expanded itsmarket to other parts of the world such as United States of Americaand Germany. To manage this vast market, they have invested onlinewhere they advertise most of their services and even let thecustomers book the tickets online.


Thecustomers prefer the firm to other rivals due to the quality servicesoffered by the company management. For instance, passengers areentertained while on board by TV channels such as CTV, GlobalTelevision, and City TV. West Jet also entails a buy on board mealservices with alcoholic beverages, snacks, and beverages forpurchase.


Thecompany has experienced growth due to the excellent layout of itsleadership that enables a perfect flow of information. At the top ofthe company is the Chief Executive Officer, who is the leader of thewhole organization and is responsible for making crucial decisions.There are also other managers for respective parts within thecompany. For instance, some of the key leaders include the financedirector, sales and marketing manager and human resource managersamong others. There are also supervisors who follow up to ensure thatthe company’s operation is in accordance with its goals.

Humanresource management

Thisincludes the activities associated with recruiting, training and thecompensation of employees. The company has employees with uniquelevels of skill, abilities, knowledge, and performance which iscrucial for the operation of the company (Pearce,2012).This workforce will ensure efficient operation thus obtaining qualityresults.


WestJet has made a broad application of computers and electronic devicesin most of its operations. For instance, customers are allowed to usedebit cards to pay their bills. In addition, the Just in Timedelivery system applied in the company ensures that there is minimalwastage of time.


Itis crucial to note that West Jet has gained merit compared to itsrivals by the use of future contracts in its process of procurementto reduce the effects of the rising fuel prices (Pearce,2012).This way, the company has realized much profit since they save ontheir input costs.


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