Wedding Plans essay

Wedding goals and objectives: To come up with a wedding plan that incorporates significant events and memories aiming to create a highly solemn and emotional ceremony for the couple as well all attendees. The Event Details: Kim and Cha met each other in one of the restaurants in Waikiki, Hawaii. From their simple acquaintance, one thing leads to another which eventually turned into a beautiful relationship. After 3 years of dating and engagement a wedding is to be held along the seaside of the same beach where they first met.

The ceremony will be led by Rev. Francisco Salvador, just before the sunset. The couple will be walking on the fine sands of the beach, several trees on the facade, having the sound of the wind and waves as their wedding’s melody as they exchange vows with families and friends as witnesses. The theme of the wedding is Hawaiian. The attire will be colorful floral dresses for women and bright colored tropical shirts for the men. Flowers of different kind are to be scattered everywhere and garlands will be placed around visitor’s necks upon arrival.

The bride is wearing a white sun dress paired with her groom who is wearing a while white polo shirt. This will make their attire stand out in the colorful crowd symbolizing how people around them rejoice as they unite in a pure, simple wedding. Reception follows on the same restaurant where they first met. A scrumptious buffet will be served. This will include various seafood dishes and tropical fruits for dessert. The wedding cake will also be matched with the theme the mango flavored cakes designed with flowers on top and a personalized picture of the couple.

While guest are having dinner, Reggae music is to be played to stimulate the crowd with an energetic and blissful ambiance. The wedding toast will serve as the gateway to flourishing wines and liquors afterwards. As for souvenirs, jewelries made of seashells are given out to visitors with a thank you letter from the couple for celebrating with them. Wedding will not be complete without keepsake photographs of the whole occasion. Being one dear friend of the groom, I volunteered to document the entire event in the form of videos and pictures.