Website Youth Investigation Paper essay


The websites Teens against Bullying, Society for thePrevention of Teen Suicide and Partnership for Drug-Free Kidsare websites that deal with issues conducive to at risk youthbehaviors. The websites deal with the education and prevention ofbullying, teen suicide and drug addiction respectively.

Teens against Bullying is created for young people in middleand high school. It provides youth with information on how to dealwith bullying and take action against such behaviors. Recognizingbullying as a grave society issue, which negatively affects thephysical as well as emotional wellbeing of victims, the websitesengages youth in activities aimed at creating awareness, educatingand inspiring them to act when they witness any bullying.

The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide mission is tominimize the figure of youth suicides through promoting publicawareness on suicide. As the third major cause of fatality amongyouths, the website aims at protecting families from the devastationof suicide. It creates and implements programs aimed at suicideprevention, at state level and nationally. The website makes itpossible for teens that are suicidal to connect. Also, other teensare able to learn about the warning signs of suicidal individuals.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids endeavors to minimizesubstance abuse among youths by engaging them in youth programs thataim at educating on drugs. The website collects information fromteenagers on issues that influence their daily lives. It then usesthe feedback to organize youth programs aimed at preventingwidespread drug abuse by teenagers. Youth drug addicts are able toget assistance from the website on how to deal with their drugaddiction.


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