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ChatzySuicide Chat Room

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The Website is a pro-life online site that offers opportunities forthe youth to communicate and get support and help in order to dealwith suicidal thoughts and other problems associated to suicide. Thewebsite provides a forum in which young people can talk about theirstruggles with suicidal behavior. It also aims at empowering youngpeople through advocacy, direct communication, awareness andeducation which can assist the young people to effectively deal withsuicidal thoughts.

The website offers a help chat rooms were young people interact withthe support after registration. Young people can also interact witheach other through direct chattingwhere they share theirexperiences on how to deal with the menace.

7cups support

Thewebsite is propelled by the goal of putting to an end thebullying epidemic that many youths experience in many learninginstitutions. The site has platforms that initiate open communicationamong the youth who experience bullying. The young people cancommunicate to various people whose profiles are visible in the site.In addition the support team is also on standby to assist anyindividual in need of help. Further support is provided to the youngpeople through creative outlets, providing life skills andcounseling.

NaChat Room

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NAChatroom is a platform where young people who have been affected bythe problem ofdrug addiction meet others and also get help fortheir problems. The websites offers an opportunity to participate inonlinemeetingswhere people conduct discussion about their challenges of being drugfree.

The site also provides openchats and forums.There are no membership charges at all.


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