Website about ADD or ADHD essay

Websiteabout ADD or ADHD

Websiteabout ADD or ADHD

Differentsources provide information about certain things that may be relevantto the public. The pubic have to choose the best alternative thatwould help them get the appropriate information. One of the bestsources of information is a website. Depending on the type of thewebsite one visits, desirable information may be extracted from thesite. Therefore, this essay examines the criteria of a website onattention deficit disorder.

Attentiondeficit disorder is a disease that has been reported to affect adultsas well as children. It causes adults to become disorganized,forgetful, and irresponsible in their undertakings. It has resultedin the termination of careers of people and also helped in ruiningthe life of individuals. The disease has equally killed therelationship and interaction between people at the workplace.Therefore, it is important to learn about the condition since one canovercome the challenges associated with it after a betterunderstanding. People can work on the areas they consider as aweakness and strengthen them. By doing so, they take advantage oftheir strengths and compensate for their weak points (H, 2005).

Theinformation about attention deficit disorder was obtained from aspecific website that has helped the public in understanding thecondition. A set of criteria has to be used to convince the publicthat the information about the disease is genuine. The general publichas the right to question the relevance of any source of information.Therefore, the source needs to be set in a way that what it revealsis acceptable to the public.

Mostwebsites that talk about diseases and disorders requires that eithera person or an agency be responsible for that particular site. Thereshould be a particular qualification that the institution needs toattain and credentials for the site to be regarded as professional(Stephen, 2007). The person that developed the site should clearlyreveal him or herself and possess the appropriate knowledge about thetopic the site talks about for instance, the causes, widespread andsymptoms of the attention deficit disorder.

Anothercriterion to be observed is the purpose of the information that isspread to the public. One should be clear during the presentation ofa site. Several websites are used for different purposes. Some areused to inform others, persuade, entertain and others to warn.Therefore, a good website should focus on the targeted audience. Thesite should be organized and have a purpose. Sites about theattention deficit disorder can be used to inform the public about itscauses, symptoms, and treatment.

Timelinessis an important criterion for a website. A person or an institutionhosting a website should update the information presented on theirsite. It is essential to note when the site was created and how oftenthe information is updated. The links that are created should becurrent, which makes them useful when making references. When linksbecome unreliable, people rarely visit the site since it has less tooffer for what may be required (C, 2009).

Accuracyis another set of criteria for most websites. Not many devices canverify the accuracy of the information presented on the website.Therefore, the target audience especially the reader needs to analyzethe site and its accuracy. Certain factors contribute to the accuracyof a site. The references should be properly sited. Accurateinformation is often reliable and thus the author should beaffiliated with a respectable institution that is widely recognized.Besides, the information should follow the basic rules of grammar andbe compatible with other sites that share the same topic.

Theseset of criteria are essential in the presentation of informationabout attention deficit disorder. Information about this disease isfound on the site explains what the disorder is about and the effects of thedisease. The website meets all the criteria that have been stated asimportant in the evaluation of a credible website. It has theauthority that is responsible for the site and clearly states itscontact information and the credentials. The site is run by theHelpGuide organization, which has its coordinates mentioned on thesite as well as their qualifications.

Thesite itself has a purpose since it targets the general readers toinform them about the disorder. It states clearly the informationabout the disease. All the contents that are on the site are done inan organized manner. For instance, signs, symptoms, effects,treatment and diagnosis of the disease are organized appropriately(H, 2005).

Apartfrom just presenting the information, the site keeps on updatinginformation of its contents. Since technology has opened room fordevelopment, certain advancements have led to the discovery of newelements that need to be incorporated into the system. Therefore, thesite has been revised severally to add new information that may bereliable. Hence, the site achieves the criteria of currency. It waslast updated on April 2016. The site also maintains the criteria ofaccuracy (Stephen, 2007). The writers Melinda Smith and Robert Segalare affiliated to the HelpGuide site, which is a recognizedinstitution worldwide. Its contents about the disorder are comparableto other sites and adhere to the rules of grammar. The information onthe site helps attract the attention of the reader and encouragehim/her to review the site.


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