Web Service essay

The Web Service is software system that is designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over the network. The web a service is composed of Web API is easily accessible over the network (including internet) that can be executed from remote system. The Web Service also known as W3C is composed of various systems that are common between client and servers communicating in XML messages following the SOAP standard. The Web Service is based on an architecture that caters to requirement of business process and users alike.

The web services has various set of tools with the most common styles are RPC, SOA and REST. The RPC stands for remote procedure calls and is it involved in XML-RPC. The RPC web service presents a distributed method that is familiar to many developers. THE SOA stand for service oriented architecture that is a form of web service that is used to implement architecture according to SOA concepts. The REST stands for represented state transfer that emulates HTTP and other protocols through standard operations; such as GET, PUT and DELETE.

The REST web service can be sued to describe SOPA messaging over HTTP SOA on the other hand is considered a form of information system architecture that allows the creation of various applications that are independent of platform and programming languages. It is because of this freedom that SOA based system is able to develop technologies; such as JAVA and Net that can be consumed by a common application running on Web service that allows reusability. The SOA also authorizes various activities in a complex enterprise system; but without providing any framework.

The main adaptation of SOA is its use of computational resources and reusability that helps business to responds quickly especially in e-service environments. The SOA is includes various older technologies such as HTML and HTTP.


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