Web Search Diagnosis essay

Upon searching several websites on the Internet for a resource site that I could trust with regards to injuring my ankle, I decided to rely on the Orthopedics section of the website About. com (http://orthopedics. about. com/cs/sprainsstrains/a/anklesprain. htm). I chose this site because it comprehensively describes what an ankle sprain is, in terms of causes and symptoms. In addition, it also describes the different types of ankle sprains depending on the degree of severity of the injury to the ankle (Cluett, 2007).

I also like the way the website explains ankle sprains, providing information that may help me determine whether I should go see a doctor or if I could just help myself at home for the treatment. The website also differentiates an ankle sprain and an ankle fracture, which is also one of the main issues that I wanted to address in my web search diagnosis. More importantly, the websites provides a number of treatment options for a sprained ankle.

The website also provides a list of doctors in specific areas around the United States. Should I be interested in reading further on the topic of a sprained ankle, the website also provides a link for this. I think that this website is very helpful for any person who is need immediate need for information with regards to a health problem. However, it is also best that one should see a medical doctor for verification on an injury or disease.

Website diagnosis is a easy and reliable way to determine a certain type of injury or illness, but with all the different types of medical situations, one may also be misled by the information on the websites. Hence, it should be of paramount importance that one should be careful in picking which website to read and follow, in terms of treatments at home.


Cluett J (2007): Ankle sprain. In: Your guide to orthopedics. Downloaded from http://orthopedics. about. com/cs/sprainsstrains/a/anklesprain. htm on September 17, 2007.