Web Evaluation essay

Taking a flash look at the website, clearly the site visitor can see that there are numerous design aspects not been put in place. First, the general appearance does not provide any instant information what the site is really about, everything is dull, lots of carpenter welcomes one at the home page with dull images not communicating. The icons have not been arranged in an orderly manner and it lacks a navigation tab. I tried using the website and experienced difficulties returning to the previous site. The website has lots of unnecessary literature which does not make sense at all.

Here is a summary of all the things that need to be corrected on the web site. • Too much words and unclear text. • Lack of navigation bar • Lack of logo or company name • The use of unappealing pictures • The arrangement on the website is not logical at all. Suggestions The book “Don’t make me think” by Krug and Heim, chapter five and six is very crucial material for the justification for the claims and recommendations I have posted above. It provides an analysis on how a web site should look like. Chapter five of the book, assist in recognizing the need of using clear and simple text on the web page.

People surfing the web do not have time to read through the stories posted there which Krug refers to as “happy talk”. What needs to be done to the web site in question is to basically minimize the art work used to make sure that whatever is posted makes some sense and appealing to the website visitor. I was actually flabbergasted because I could not even understand the main point nor comprehend the idea behind the story “through the looking glass”. A short and clear text not only creates consistent to the reader but also adds value to the product advised or the message being put across.

According to Krug, features on a web page have to be arranged in a logical order. This can be made simple by the use of breadcrumbs and pictures. The web site under evaluation has made use of pictures but they do not give a clear definition of the main idea “through the looking glass”. There is a clock, a lady, a glass and several other objects mixing up everything. There should be proper arrangements, and if possible tabs containing clear and direct information. Only few pictures should be included, they should give an instant message to the web page/home visitor.

Heim and krug (179) organization requires that web designing the logo or name of the site should be appear at the top left, it should be at the corner and further provide a link back to the home page. This makes it simple for people surfing the web since they do not have to start all over again. It acts as a reminder that the users can always start over navigating a website if they get lost. The name given to the site should give a clear picture of what to expect from the site. The company which designed the web site in question did not make use of navigation tabs. Navigation tabs makes it ease for users to surf the web.

I would recommend the use of conventional navigation bar on the website. This is important because a navigation bar is something that can give a web user a sense of space within the web page. Navigation is a key element when creating a website. They help to break things down into various sections, organizing the website’s pages into some sort of logical order so that the user doesn’t feel like they are just floating around in cyberspace.


Krug, Steve. (2000). Don’t make me think, Indianapolis, IN: Que. Extractions from http://www. sensible. com/ chapter five and six