Wearing Pajamas in Public essay

Rebellion through the century has been proven to have a great impact in the societal change. It has played a vital role in the twist of world history. If we take a glimpse in the historical background of every country, one thing would make them similar, it is the fact that rebellion has always taken place sometime in their past. Rebellion is dangerous for it can cause people to shed their blood or even risk their lives in the name of what they fight for. As we turn into the 20th century, it is quite noticeable that people have become trendy in expressing rebellion.

One good example would be wearing of pajama, a very light way of protest yet meaningful to those who want something to change. We are all aware that pajamas are only worn during the exercise or work out and sometimes during nighttime. Rebellion is always noted as the refusal to follow the legal system or being against the authority. When we wear pajamas in no particular occasion, we mean that we are in the state of rebellion because we deviate from the normal dressing.

It will also considered as the simplest form of rebellion because no life is at stake or there is no heavy sacrifice that will be considered. In this case, wearing of pajama will only be measured as civil disobedience, which is one form of rebellion. Wearing of pajama may be a simple way of expressing rebellion but the essence is there; that one refuses to follow the authority. Nowadays, people should think that there are a lot of ways in which we can bring up to the authority what we want or what we are against.

The example that is given above is one of the many that we can do without sacrificing too much. Rebellion may seem to be a heavy duty once we make a stand but we should realize that what is important is the essence or true definition of it. It is the deviation from the standards or the norms set by the authority.


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