Weapon of Conspiracy essay

The interaction of different states in the world plays an important role in the overall situation and condition of the international community. The way by which countries establish relationships among each other, especially the major powers in the world has a crucial part in either maintaining international peace and security or having an all out war in the world. This kind of adage is greatly exemplified in the relationship of the United States of America and Russia.

Russia, which is previously part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) has beliefs and practices that do not coincide with the ideology of the United States. The ideological conflict between the United States and USSR largely evolved around the adherence of the former to the democracy and capitalism while the latter is more inclined towards communism. Due to this, the tensions between the United States and the USSR become observable that even led to the point that the Russians and Americans are competing against each other when it comes to the development of technology that helps in their warfare.

In relation to this, there has also been an issue regarding American scientists who stole ideas from the Russians that aids the Americans to control the weather, block communication, and even control minds, which is believed to be done by the HAARP. Being the case, it is necessary that the allegation regarding the stealing of ideas by the Americans is given due attention and importance because it has an essential part in understanding the relation of the United States and the USSR during the Second World War. Background of the Relationship between Russia and United States

In the past decades, the relationship of Russia or formerly known as the Soviet Union and the United States were unfriendly due to the competition and the disputes it had experienced. In reflection, the cold war became the most important era in which people would see how the United States and Russia interacted with each other. From 1945, the United States and Russia had been competing in terms of power and relations with other nations. In the past years, the relations of these states are very hostile. From the World War II, the United States and Russia have had political tension where in most of these resulted to wars.

Due to this, there are different kinds of techniques in which the countries explored in order to compete with each other. In terms of power, Russia and United States have gone to creating stronger weapons against each other. Moreover, Russia and United States built strong relations with other nations in order to have a stronger influence in terms of decision making in the international community. On the other hand, the power and influence of nations were very important in order to be the strongest power in the nation (Sivachev and Yakovlev, 225). Currently, the United States and Russia has a much amicable relationship with one another.

After the World War II and the Cold War had ended, the issues regarding the past had already been put aside. The relations of countries are now very friendly and very peaceful. In fact, the current president of United States Barack Obama had visited Russia and mediated different issues in which both countries could profit. Furthermore, the United States and Russia are able to reconcile the past events and realize that peace is the only way in which both countries could benefit. Thus, the United States and Russia are now united to face the challenges of the present era (Sivachev and Yakovlev 249).

HAARP The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is regarded as an investigation project, which is established through the joint efforts of the United States Air Force, United States Navy, University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), as they are responsible for funding the project. The main objective in the creation of the HAARP is to examine the ionosphere in order to identify whether some of its properties could be used in order to help in the communication and surveillance related activities of the United States.

HAARP started in 1993 and this project is proposed to last for the span of twenty years. The system that is used in this investigation project is deigned and built by the Advanced Power Technologies and starting 2003, the BAE Advanced Technologies is responsible in HAARP system. In relation to this, the facility of the HAARP that currently operates are a Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High frequency Radar, fluxgate magnetometer, digisonde, and an induction magnetometer that is located alongside the transmitter facilities of HAARP (Beck 60-63).

The main instrument at HAARP is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI). It is a high-frequency (HF) transmitter system that is utilized in order to energize a part of the ionosphere. The use of the IRI is very important in the project because the modified volumes of it give essential information that contributes to the knowledge regarding the ionospheric processes (Hackett et al. 151). On the other hand, not all people are in favor of the different research experiments that HAARP are doing, as there are also a number of criticisms against this investigation project.

One of the prominent issues that HAARP are involved is the power emission of its facilities. The critics of HAARP argued that the amount of energy used in the project contributes to the destruction of the atmosphere, especially of the ozone layer because of the energies that HAARP are sending in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, HAARP defended its investigation project, by saying that the energy that they used is merely a minuscule as compared with the enormous amount of energy that is dumped in the atmosphere because of solar radiation and thunderstorms (Smart et al. 366-367).

Another controversy about the HAARP is regarding the objective of this investigation project. In the 1990s, there are claims that the antennas used by HAARP could be used as a weapon. A group of American physicists express their complaints in a non-peer reviewed letters entitled: “Physics and Society”. This group accused the HAARP that the investigation project is looking for ways in order to annihilate or disable enemy aircraft. In addition, this group of American physicists also thinks that the antennas of HAARP could be used to disrupt the communication in a large part of the world.

Nevertheless, the physicists who criticize the experiments of the HAARP are not complaining much about the current stage of the project because it has not yet developed to the level wherein it could indeed become a weapon. However, the physicists are worried that the project of HAARP could expand in the future to become an investigation project for the creation of a weapon. This allegation is further heightened by the fact that the United States Navy and Air Force contribute to the funding of HAARP (Burnett 232).

The allegation regarding the objective of HAARP to develop a weapon is further amplified by the works of Bernard Eastlund. In the 1980s, Eastlund is responsible for the development of the concepts that are behind HAARP. He proposed the use of high-frequency radio waves in order to energize the ionosphere. By using the high-frequency waves, HAARP could be able to disable incoming missiles as well as destroy the satellite communication system of the enemy.

However, the contractors who were chosen to build the HAARP did not use any of the works of Eastlund in their development of the investigation project (“The Military’s Mystery Machine” 60 -62). The American physicists who expressed their concerns about the development of the HAARP are supported by local activism. In September 1995, Nick Begich Jr. wrote a book entitled: “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology”. Begich discussed in his book that the current stage of HAARP is capable of being used as a geophysical warfare.

In relation to this, there are also conspiracy theorists who assert that the power of HAARP is way beyond contributing to machineries of warfare it could also change weather patterns, interfere with communication systems, disrupt mental processes, and even manipulate the earth’s atmosphere (Begich and Manning 78-80). The issues about the HAARP reached its peak when it is also mentioned by the Russian Parliament. The State Duma of Russia or the Russian Parliament gave a press release about HAARP, which is written by the country’s international affairs and defense committees as well as 90 deputies.

This press release was also given to President Vladimir Putin. The press release stated that the United States is developing geophysical weapons that could have an effect on the near-Earth medium with frequency radio waves. The Russian government even compared the geophysical weapons of HAARP to the development of cold steel to firearms and conventional weapons to nuclear weapons. However, this press release made by Russia is recognized by others as politically tainted because of the United States withdrawal in the Russian-American Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (“Russian parliament concerned about U.

S. plans to create qualitatively new weapons” n. d. ). Scientific Conspiracy In the wars which had happened in the past, the process of war had been developing. The development leads to the aspect of which more and more people are affected by the wars. Furthermore, various weapons are done through different scientific studies of scientists. Hence, more and more weapons are made in order to gain power and influence in the world. In reflection, the theory of realism states that power over other nations is important.

Thus, power through the use of violence is very powerful in the eyes of other nations. Moreover through fear and military power, is very important to a country. In the case of the United States—as a powerful country, it needs to have their defenses available in times of threats. Furthermore, there is one conspiracy which had been circling around which states that the current American scientists are imitating the past ideas of the Old Russian scientists as a military defense mechanism to different possible attack.

Thus, this conspiracy is still yet to be discovered in this paper. Based on HAARP, it is mentioned that there are activities in which are made in order for the United States to protect it self not only through a military perspective. However, these kinds of accusation are not yet known to many. Due to this, there are issues circulating that conspires the problem. Although there are these kinds of issues, there are books which prove that these kinds of issues are present in the world. In the book written by Jerry Smith, he narrated the power which is present.

Smith proves that the power of the United States had sprung unto its scientific discoveries and scientific investments. The author stated that the United States had built different kinds of mechanisms and machineries in order for to attain power over various factors present. One of these is the weather control. It is stated that that United States burns holes in the ionosphere. Furthermore, the ionosphere is the protective layer of the earth against the harmful rays of light. Thus, the opening made in the ionosphere is mentioned to have a possibility to make long range communication.

Thus, scientists had created a transmitter which blocks messages or communication lines of selected parties. As a result, the communication lines of selected people would not go through and miscommunication is pronounced. As discussed by Smith in his book he stated, “A weapon that could create clouds of electrons moving at the speed of light could accomplish both of these objectives. A radio transmitter could be used to disrupt world-wide radio communication, as well. (9)” Through such technology, the communication in different parts of the world could be messed up.

On the other hand, the effects of these kinds of technologies are also massive, because upon the effectiveness of these systems, it is said that all living things that are exposed would be dead. On the other hand, HAARP is also accused of creating systems to which it manipulates minds. Through the use of a certain type of machinery, the minds of people with the location near the machine or plant. Although the results of the plant had still unsolved, the website called theforbiddenknowledge. com had presented that the HAARP uses a certain type of technology to attain what they want.

As mentioned earlier the organization is said to control minds. On the other hand, the organization is also able to create changes in the weather. Based on the website www. jesus-is-savior. com, it stated that the problem with regards to the changing of weather is very true because a file presented by the file which shows that the United Nations had already published a prohibition of different military attacks and techniques which contribute to the changes in the weather or the environmental factors in the world.

Therefore, the United Nations were already aware of such possibility because of this amendment. In fact, the file presented in the website was dated way back in 1976 where in wars between different nations were still very active. Conclusion In conclusion, the United States and is able to create different mechanisms in order for them to have power over different kinds of aspects such as military and environmental power as well. Although through the use of these machineries, power could be attained. However, many people could be affected—most especially those who are innocent.

On the other hand, manipulating the natural environment is very unjust for not only certain group of people would experience these, but all the people in the world. Furthermore, the environment does is not only linked in the weather but also the resources available. As mentioned earlier, these kinds of machineries are not only dangerous for its future consequences but it could induce immediate death of people and of all living things. In the end, wars and conflict had been a given because misunderstandings could lead to violence.

However the environment could not be controlled by the people and replacement of the environment is dangerous for everyone.

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