Wealthy Nations and Poorer Nations essay

Following the current development in the global economy, many people have found themselves living better life than in several years ago. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, especially in the third word countries, people are poor and can hardly meet their basic needs. Food, shelter, and clothing are hard to come by in these countries. Little or no education is the order of the day because of lack of facilities or the personnel required for good education standards.

In my opinion therefore, the wealthy countries have an obligation to help the poorer countries not only in times of crisis but also in all sectors of development such as education, health, water supply, food supply among others. However, the governments in poorer countries should not sit back and wait for aid or donation but have a responsibility of developing their nations for better living standards. Help from wealthy nations should also be well utilized for the benefit of the nation.

For the wealth nations to help the poor nations is actually not only a moral obligation but there are benefits which come with such acts. First, assisting poor nations can save many people from starvation and thus protecting them from unnecessary diseases. Still, helping the poorer nations improve their education standards would enable them advance their development agendas. Therefore, people in poorer nations would have improved living standards.

In addition, a helping hand would help poorer nations to have energy, which can enable them to develop their own nation, and in turn start providing education, food and other basic necessities for themselves. In the long run, they will be able to coordinate and cooperate with the wealthy nations for mutual benefits. With or without help from wealthy nations, the poorer countries should take their responsibility of develop their nations.

There are some of poor nations who take advantage of resources they have been provided with by other nations and use them in the wrong way such as buying weapons to facilitate wars. These poor nations should stop such behaviors and develop their nation in peace. Also helping the poor nations can help them to improve their society stability. In conclusion, wealth nations should unite and be responsible to help the poor nations because these poorer nations lack the necessary facilities and personnel to advance like the wealthy nations.