We the People essay

We the people of the United States are represented by a diversity of religions, races, and cultures, and proudly so. Honoring this diversity, we challenge ourselves day after day to meet our ideals of morality, justice, equality and fraternalism – under all circumstances, at all costs. We take pride in our commitment to the inviolability of human dignity and universal human rights. Unsurprisingly, therefore, we do not only seek to attain success for our families and fellow citizens of the United States, but also the world at large.

We believe that peace is indispensable to the attainment of success. For this reason we seek to reach out to all people of the world with a message of peace. Regardless of whether this message is spread through our political reach, business acumen, or technological achievements – we refuse to shirk our responsibilities to the universal brotherhood. Bearing in mind the Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’ we refuse to become heedless of the shared values of humanity.

We the people of the United States have evolved throughout our history by continuous learning, which includes learning from our mistakes and redressing the wrongs that have been committed by us in the past. As enlightened citizens, we have made firm decisions to help ourselves and all of humanity in the achievement of the following goals: • Ending all manifestations of racism. • Ending violence in all its horrendous forms by educating all people about the shared values of humanity.

• Establishing peace and justice throughout the world. • Eradicating poverty by shouldering social responsibility and through excellence in business. • Freely sharing our scientific knowledge and expertise so as to provide the opportunity to all people to take the path of prosperity. • Continuing investment in science, education, and the attainment of all of the abovementioned goals. We the people of the United States take pride in the fact that we are in a position to serve as models for the rest of humanity.

We understand our responsibility to the global environment and intend to take all possible actions in the service of the planet and all living beings that occupy it now and will do so in future. With utmost respect, we look forward to a future in which the needs of all living beings are adequately met. More importantly, we refuse to arrogate ourselves to supremacy over the rest of the world. Rather, we seek to maintain our position as models for humanity in a humble manner. Regardless of whether we believe in Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, or simply the theory of evolution – we shall continue to work toward the ideal of universal democracy.

Indeed, we look forward to a future in which the rights of all people are equally heeded and honored. What is more, we are aware that our vision of a peaceful and satisfying future for all is possible to achieve. We have gained enough experience to attain this sense of confidence. We will make our world a better place for all. We shall nonviolently struggle to achieve our goals. Indeed, we the people of the United States would ensure that the future of all people is safe and sound. Yes, the American Dream will be achieved by all people of the world.