War on Women’s Reproductive Health essay

War on Women’s Reproductive Health Is Planned Parenthood a helping hand to the community? Or are they money- hungry death clinics? Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides reproductive healthcare for people of all income. It is also one that performs abortions on the daily. This collection of articles provide different perspectives on Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is a savior to millions of women but the defunding of it is rising. Are women in trouble? The title of the article is Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere and it presents a speech made by Barack Obama. President Obama talks about how thankful he is of Planned Parenthood and how it provides services to women in need. He stands for women getting to make their own decisions about their own health. Defunding this organization will cause women to lose affordable medical help. In this powerful speech Barack says, women should be able to decide when she wants a family(Obama).

Nothing should be able to dictate what goes on with our own body. Women should have the right of choice. Near the end of his speech Barack introduces a woman named Courtney in which contracted a disease that can leave her infertile. You didn’t just help her plan for a family; you made sure she could start one. And today, she’s got two beautiful kids. That’s what Planned Parenthood is about(Obama). Planned Parenthood is not just about the right to abort, it’s way more than that.

It’s about keeping the community healthy and helping people in need. Congress Should End Federal Funding to Planned Parenthood and Redirect It Toward Other Health Care Options is an article by Lisa Torre and she introduces the negatives on funding Planned Parenthood such as: the selling of fetal tissue and being the leading abortion provider. Planned Parenthood is an organization that does perform abortions for women who do not want to conceive. There are some accusations on them selling fetal tissue without the mother’s consent.

Lisa says, The recently released videos allegedly show Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the price of organs from aborted unborn children and casually discussing performing abortions in ways that would better preserve baby body parts for sale.(Torre). This is illegal if true, but a video can always be manipulated and misunderstood. Lisa also talks about Planned parenthood being America’s leading abortion provider. This can definitely cause issues with pro-life enthusiasts and is against Christian customs. Lisa overall presents Planned Parenthood as a mischievous, abortion-loving organization that should be defunded. Protect Women’s Health is an article by the editors of Scientific America and they talk about how abortion is the smallest part of Planned Parenthood. This organization helps women create families, continue their careers, and stay healthy. In the article it states the actual percentage of how much Planned Parenthood spends on abortion, For some people, Planned Parenthood has come to symbolize abortion, which it has provided since 1970. But in all the rhetoric, facts have sometimes gone missing. For instance, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona declared last year on the floor of the Senate that abortion accounts for ?well over 90 percent’ of what Planned Parenthood does. The actual figure is 3 percent. (Planned Parenthood clinics perform one in four abortions in the U.S. but use no federal funds for this practice.) To some abortion opponents, that 3 percent is reason enough to gut the organization.(Scientific America).

For an organization that practices abortion, this is definitely the only subject that pro-life activists can focus on. It blinds people from the other heavy benefits of Planned Parenthood. They help women stay healthy by providing checkups and cancer screenings. They help create families and the best thing is that this is affordable to low-income families that would have trouble getting help elsewhere. Unplanned Parenthood is an article on Christianity Today by Sarah Zylstra. It is about Planned Parenthood being a money grubbing organization that assists sex traffickers. According the Sarah,The $1 billion-a-year or said in its most recent annual report that it performed 329,445 abortions in 2010. $487 million, 46 percent of its revenue.

Came from government health service grants and reimbursements. The organization cannot legally use taxpayer dollars for an abortion.(Zylstra 17). There was an incident when pro-lifers disguised themselves as pimps and prostitutes and would receive help from Planned Parenthood (Zylstra 18). These employees apparently knew that they were helping sex traffickers and did not report it (Zylstra 18). This taints the face of this very helpful organization. If this is true then there is definitely some corruption in the organization and faults like this can lead to the fall of women’s health. A lot issues are rising to the surface and many pro-lifers are trying to use these accusations to fully bring Planned Parenthood to the ground.

According to Lisa, Employee scandals, government deficits, and budget-cutting lawmakers have provided a rare opportunity for pro-life groups to advocate for defunding Planned Parenthood. Further investigation is needed to bring the truth to the light. This defunding of this organization could further puncture women’s health clinics and minimize what women’s control of their own body. Planned Parenthood is a good organization and was started with a good purpose. The good is always outshadowed by the bad. In this case, because of this organization performing abortions, makes every pro life person forget all the benefits that Planned Parenthood brings to the table. Planned Parenthood is being looked at with a microscope and any small fault can lead to the end. Pro-life enthusiasts will do anything it takes to bring them down.Women should have the right to do what they want with their body. It is not the community’s, nor the pro-lifers, nor the Christians.

Decisions should not be made for how women will care for their body. If this gets defunded, it’ll be stressful for women, especially low-income families. Everyone should be able to get the help they need to stay healthy and educated. Why take away what will possibly help you or your loved-ones?

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