Wang Café Social Media Marketing essay


SMART Objective on Brand Recall

The first objective is to ensure that the brandrecall is focused on capturing the attention of current customerswithin six months. In the case of Wang Café, the current customersare mostly people who want to enjoy an authentic Singaporeanbreakfast (Wang Cafe, 2016). The clientele consists of immigrantsfrom Singapore and locals who just love the Singapore breakfast.Apart from doing the physical count on the customers that visit thecafé, the business can also locate current customers by identifyingindividuals who visit the company website, and those who read thecompany announcements (Hurton &amp Hewwitt, 2015).

The second objective is to focus most of WangCafé’s brand promotion activities on the identified currentcustomers. Six months after identifying the customers, the objectivewill focus on ensuring that within one year, these customers havebecome loyal and regular return customers. Wang Café can do this byusing digital retargeting that displays the information of the caféto those clients who have visited the company website (Lambretcht &ampTucker, 2013). The retargeting exercise can also focus on customerswho have opened an email, prospective customers who have searched thecafé by name, and those who have previously visited the café’swebsite.

Creating a good customer experience is also agood way of instituting brand recall. The objective is achievedthrough increasing engagements with prospective clients, turningleads into prospective sales, and holding dual conversations with allcustomers.

Creating an App on easy ordering

In order to increase ordering efficiency, Iwould recommend creating two ordering apps one for the clients andthe other for the café staff. The ordering app for the café staffwill enable the waiters to relay a customer’s order to the kitchenstaff instead of making several trips to the kitchen (Miles, 2015).The café should design the app in such a manner that every employeecan easily use it. Immediately a waiter places an order, the kitchenstaff members should receive a notification. The design should alsoensure that there are no mix-ups in the orders by relaying the orderinformation in its entirety and not in bits.

This ordering app will be beneficial to thecafé in a number of ways. To begin with, the efficacy of servicedelivery will increase (Miles, 2015). Incidences of mixing up ordersor delivering the wrong food will be on the minimal. The app willalso save time because the waiters will reduce the number of tripsthey will have to make. Usually, a waiter writes down the order,visits the kitchen staff to make the order, and then has to makeanother trip to pick the order. With this ordering app, the waiterwill only make one trip- to pick the food.

Creatingan ordering app that enables clients to make their order prior toarriving at the café will increase customer satisfaction (Miles,2015). In this age of smartphone technology, many clients will bewilling to download an app that will cut down the waiting time atWang Café. The app will also give the kitchen staff ample time toprepare the order under minimum pressure. At the end of the day, thecustomer will be happy that his order did not delay and that thequality of the food was good because the kitchen staff did notprepare it under pressure.

Search Engine Optimization

Wang Café can increase its visibility onsearch engines by employing search engine optimization techniques.Search engines get links to specific websites when the owners submittheir website URLs. In this regard, Wang Café will have to registerwith several search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However,increasing visibility on these engines requires more than justsubmitting ones’ URL. Otherwise, Wang Café will only be visiblewhen internet the users key in the words ‘Wang Café. Other keywords such as ‘restaurants that offer Singaporean breakfast’ willonly reveal those cafés that have employed SEO.

The next step in SEO for Wang Café would be tocrosslink between pages of the same website in order to increaseprominence on the search engines (Davis, 2006). Cross-linking willact like several paths that lead to the same destination. The cafécan also choose to modify the content of its website to include wordsthat are frequently searched on the internet. This technique isespecially important because language grows by the day. The languagethat today’s teenagers are using is different from what teenagersconsidered cool about ten years ago. Regularly updating theinformation on the company website is a good technique of searchengine optimization. When Wang Café updates its website, webcrawlers will come back to the website and consequently lead toprominence on the search engines. Other techniques include URLnormalization and canonical link elements utilization.

Most importantly, Wang café should ensure thatany of the SEO techniques employed should remain white hat as opposedto black hat. White hat techniques are considered ethical methods ofSEO because they adhere to the guidelines set by the search engines.On the other hand, search engines outlaw black hat techniques andthey could lead to the removal of the website from the search engine.

Creating Online Community Forum

An online community forum will create aplatform for Wang Café to interact with current and prospectiveclients. In addition, an online community increases the volume ofsales, promotes customer loyalty, and enhances promotion of the wordof mouth (Satarak, 2013). However, a fully functional onlinecommunity is not an easy task it requires adequate research andconstant modification to make interesting.

The first step in creating a functional onlineforum is by selecting good software for the activity. Some of the topfree forum software includes envision board, phpBB, and Vbulletin.Investing in good software is a necessity and may be the determiningfactor of the success of the online forum. The software willdetermine the interface, ease of operations, and the level ofattractiveness.

Setting a forum with a clear goal is animportant aspect of this marketing strategy. More often than not,businesses set up an online forum with no specific objective(s) athand. This is because most businesses set up such platforms becausethey see other companies with such forum or as a result of unplanneddecisions. Eventually, the forum loses its momentum because it is notdriven by a common point of focus. In addition to creating thesubject, the owner must always contribute. In this context, the ownerrefers to the staff at Wang café. The owner is responsible forinitiating points of discussion, regulating the interactions, andanswering the queries of the members.

A trick that many businesses use to make onlineforums interesting is the creation of different personalities by thesame administrator. The trick may come off as a dishonest strategy,but all it aims at is keeping the forum lively and prevents thediversion of the flow of discussions. Publishing material from othersites will also improve the activities of the forum. Some members,who will not be concerned with the small talk that takes center stagein the forum, will find the articles helpful.

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