Walt Disney essay

I would love to have dinner with entrepreneur, Walt Disney. An innovator, pioneer, a philanthropist, and a legend, Walt Disney’s works have uniquely touched the hearts, minds and emotions of both children and adults alike. Thinking of him makes words like imagination, innovation, optimism, and enthusiasm come to mind. Years after his death, his work continues to bring joy and happiness to people all over the world. Walt Disney was one of the prominent figures I admired since childhood. I was first exposed to his work through Mickey Mouse cartoons. The animations were more than just mere entertainment.

These inspired me to develop my interest in sketching, that also helped cultivate my creativity in my childhood projects, such as cardboard planes and movie projectors. These are the same skills I use today in solving both professional and personal problems. I believe that Disney’s life was an inspiration for everyone. His life was molded on dreams and creativity. His passion for work, zeal and conviction also contributed to his survival, making him realize that he should spread joy to millions. Having dinner with Walt Disney is such an honor, for I will be able to share my appreciation for the legendary works he created.

I would even request him to share with me some of his insights, especially about starting the journey to innovation. I would take the opportunity to tap into his visionary mind and discuss with him some suggestions that would help improve the lives of many. At the same time, I would also take the opportunity to ask him if he had regrets in his life, and if he would do them differently. Sad to say, he died of lung cancer at an early age. Prevention of the illness would have made more people enjoy his talent and works.