Volunteer Experience and Knowledge Gained essay

VolunteerExperience and Knowledge Gained

VolunteerExperience and Knowledge Gained

The children’s tendency to stickwith me relates to the unit on Child Development. At their age, theyhave developed the ability to categorize and judge people on theirbeliefs. As much as we did not use a common language, the actionsdrew them closer. Inputting the CANS on a regular basis created anopportunity to interact with the children. In the processes we gotused to each other, gradually formed a bond and I kept on drawingunderstanding through self-awareness. Introduction to Psychologyassisted in establishing human behavior, development, biologicalinfluences, and research methods. Bradbury-Jones and Taylor (2015)assert that learning psychology helps one to construe behaviorseffectively. As much as CANS made part of my daily routine, it helpeddeducing behaviors that needed psychological support. I was able toremain focused on representing the children at all levels becauseCANS gave me accurate information about the children’s needs andstrengths in the system.

Coincidentally, the CPR class thatI took during the week opened me up to perceive the children indistress resulting from their stepparents. Additionally, I put thebetter communication techniques I learned in class to help achieveimproved understanding and relationship. For instance, I called thechildren by their names, asked about their day and engaged them inphysical activities with the help of the translators and the planpractically worked to bring good outcomes. Studying BehaviorDisorders enlightened me on conducting research activities for thekids who were mentally challenged and were struggling with stepparentissues. The CANS helped me identify and record behaviors thatattributed to mental challenges and conflicts. The researchactivities dedicated to helping the kids find a balance of emotionsand recover from challenges that affected their daily lives as wellas deal with the conflicts in their lives. The volunteer experiencewas a self-growth moment considering that I experienced and put somespecific knowledge gained in class in real life.


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