Use drugs for the first time essay

I believe that the family unit is what provides a solid structure in the raising of a child. There may be a strong correlation between these `troubled` teens and the lack of family unity. What do you think? ” The lack of competent connection between family members today particularly produces social problems. The teenager in the family is going through a very difficult time in there life and they need support and guidance. When the guidance is not provided they turn to their friends. Their friends can not provide the advice they need and this vicious spiral continues until the person feels helpless, useless and worthless.

After all, would anyone kill themselves if they thought well of themselves? When you think about it, the way these teens are thinking is that they are looking for an escape. Suicide is the ultimate escape. Drugs put them in a state of euphoria. And sex gives them the sense of value that they think they are getting from their partner. These teenagers need an authority figure to advise them and give them a stable environment. This stable environment provides security which in turn relieves the fear and anxiety they harbor.

The fact that a person has the time to spend with them gives them a sense of value. A child feels neglected when parents prioritize the home or their work for the sake of financial stability over their children. Because of this, there is a certainty that parents need to spend time with their children. Prioritizing possessions over children attests to the fact that the adjustment of one’s measure of success should be given fine attention to by parents at most times possible. Another problem may be that parents are measuring their skills as parents by the children’s reputation.

When your child is exemplary, parents have done a good job. But, when children have problems they can only blame themselves and their sense of failure is reflected in their children. Another significant problem is the lack of communication between teens and their parents. I think the generation gap is a huge problem. The culture has changed from when we were children. When you think about it, we as a society are addressing these issues. In the 1970’s, most children were “key children. ” Our after school program was let your self in, do your homework and don’t break anything.

These days’ children have after school programs, clubs, sports etc. to keep them busy. These programs are helping recognize their talents and value in their community. They also provide some type of leader they can look up to. They have a sense of belonging and security. When I think about it, it’s a wonder I’m alive. The problem is that these teens lack any sense of value. This belief can easily be proven false by simply talking and spending time with our children. Also, we must make sure they are kept busy; get them interested in a sport or hobby which encourages them to stay active.

One particular problem to address in this issue is the fact that Amidst all the successes that the society achieves through the existence of technology and communication, it is quite disturbing how the situation of the most important sector of the society suffers so much. Family, as the basic unit of the social relationships, is the one receiving the most negative effects of technological and industrial advancements. Intimacy and attachment has been much a hard case to deal with when dealing especially with the modern married couples.

The thoughts of long ago regarding the long-run relationship that marriage is supposed to be had been gradually changed by the fact that system of the society today have already changed as well. The priorities and the goals of individuals have already been exchanged with the need of being economically successful in the field of their own chosen careers. Sadly, although both men and women are aware that they were meant to share a special relationship based on love, only few are able to realize to understand the reality of the vows that they give at the brink of their wedding ceremonies.

Marriage, as a “human contract” is a special bond that should be considered as a serious link between two people who are bounded by love. However, at some point, the view of marriage has been changed during the present era. Because of the social changes, marriage has been subjected to different challenges. Today, conflicts are directly bombarded towards the relationship of married couples that in turn makes the situation much harder to deal with. As a result, many among those couples simply end up in divorce.

The children, however, often are the principal sufferers. In the U. S. alone, some 11 million children live in single-parent homes. Many are at the center of custody battles, and commonly, they are snatched from one parent by another. Meyer Elkin, an expert on family problems, laments, “We are now raising a generation of children from broken homes—and creating a social time bomb” (Milton, 1996, 27) True, around the world, many married couples rather chose to separate than to take time and talk things over.

When actually, divorce is easier to prevent than having to face the long court proceedings of divorce or marriage annulment. Divorce may seem to be an easy way to escape the unpleasantness of marital problems. But a balanced view is needed, for in many cases divorce has only made matters worse for those involved. Psychology Today, of May 1975, contained the following comments: “In spite of all the cheerful books on creative divorce, no-fault divorce, and better living through divorce, people whose marriages fail are miserable. ” Especially difficult for divorced persons is loneliness.

It must be acknowledged that many persons have struggled for years to make a success out of their marriage, but have not received cooperation from their mates. But the situation should not be overlooked. An element that a sometimes lead to problems is the unrealistic expectations that one or both of the marriage partners may have. Romance novels, popular magazines, television programs, and movies can create hopes and dreams that are far removed from real life. When these dreams do not come true, a person can feel cheated, dissatisfied, and even bitter. Really, it takes work to achieve a successful relationship.

Rather than just put an end to the marriage, it is important to take time to talk things over and try to understand the roots of the problem and be able to save the marriage. This would also help the couple to spare not only themselves but also their mates and their children from future distressful consequences of divorce.

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