Unveiling African Culture and Art essay

Masks and masquerades are two convincing sources to define history and its foundation in Africa. In fact, hitorians have long relied on them for the development in art, science and litreature to trace the basic cultural proliferations in the country. The co – relation between art and cultural development explains the significance of masks and masquerades in leading cultural welfares to the right course. Art and craft found in ancient and contemporary African culture

reflect the fundamental natures of the relevant civilization e. g. beliefs, superstitions, education, etc. Contemporary art in Africa is based on remote cultures which date back to early inceptions of civilization. The collection includes: wood carvings, paintings, masks and masquerades, statues, bronze and stone works, clothings including batiks, weavings, tie and dye, beads, trinkets and bracelets; leather art works, home decor and kitchen wares ( Qtd. in African History ).

Masks and masquerades are two important features of African history and culture. They serve as an indelible cultural crediblity, big cultural events and social celebrations. Its art revives the cultural harmony and controls Rashali 2 in African communities ( Qtd in African History ). They not only represent ancient deism and deities; masks and masquerades are often symbolised for devils and incantations. Masks are considered to be crucial objects for they are used as an essential tool for rituals related to deads and spirits ( Qtd. in African history ). Current findings stray around complex occults which have failed to work on convoluted roots of African history.

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