Unit essay

USgovernment: Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is oneof America’s richest business moguland leading GOP candidate. His candidature for the republicanpresidential ticket has drawn major global attention for his proposedban on Muslim immigrants, building a wall to prevent Mexicanimmigrants among a host of other radical views. Trump’s assertionsto ban Muslim immigrants came after a series of coordinated terroristattacks in Paris that claimed over 120 people. Trump claims such aban would only be temporary but has also called for the currentadministration to do the same. Some commentators have comparedTrump’s extremist views to those of Hitler and other dictators.


Bernie Sanders isone of the two candidates gunning for the democratic presidentialnomination. The man has been the popular with the youth despite beingthe oldest of the three candidates. His greatest selling point hasbeen the promise of creating jobs for the youth. He is also seen as aman with the least political luggage among the three candidates.However, he is still lagging behind Hilary.


Hillary is not newto the public eye and public office. As the wife of President BillClinton, she served as the first lady in the white house and alsocontested for the democratic presidential ticket in 2008 but lost toPresident Obama before serving as a secretary of state in Obama’sadministration. Currently, she is the favorite presidential candidatewith the latest poll showing she is ahead of Donald Trump and BernieSanders. However, she carries some political luggage given that shehas made some racially inflammatory comments in the past and standsaccused of violating protocol during her reign as a secretary ofstate in president Obama’s government by using private email forofficial communication.

Given the current polls and her record in public office, I would gofor Hillary as president. My choice is not solely informed by herpolicies but rather the implication her presidency would have onwomen empowerment globally. With the incumbent president being a newrecord in America of having a first black president it would be alsonice to set a new record of a first female president through HillaryClinton.