Understanding the Movie Tulpan essay

The movie entitled Tulpan is one of the many sensible and socially inspired full-length films of a great movie director and a widely known documentarian whose name is Sergei Dvortsevoy, which tells about a stimulating and sparkling story situated in a desolate place in steppe of Kazakhstan. In the said movie, the environment is considered to be an important part of the movie. The setting for the movie serves as one of the factors that relate the audience to the story. It helps in associating the theme of the movie to that of the story wherein it becomes an integral part of the lives of the audience and how they go about in everyday living.

Moreover, the environment in the film enhances the imagination of the viewers. First, it places the viewers in the right setting according to the plot of the story. It could be remembered that the story rests on a plot that exhibits characteristics of an uncivilized way of living. The want of Asa for a herd of sheep is an example of this because this type of animal could live in the setting used for the movie. The environment of the movie serves the desires of Asa, which led to the need to marry Tulpan, and is also considered as the cause for entire flow of events.

Second, the environment is able to enhance the imagination of the viewers because of the added visual effect it has. Even if the viewers did not personally experience being in Kazakhstan, they would readily imagine the people there and the way of living. Personally, the delivery of the actors and actresses in the film is something that I definitely like. Each of them gave life to the characters they portray in the film by adopting a particular kind of attitude which they think would be most appropriate for their characters.

Moreover, their acting further gave way to a richer viewing experience because there are several elements of how they move and act that reinforce the theme and the plot of the story. In addition to this, the work of the director is also something worth taking note of. The superior direction of the film is evident in the blockings, delivery of dialogues, scenes, and others are all coordinated and systematically flow from one picture to another. On the other hand, I personally do not like the idea of Asa marrying Tulpan only for the purpose of owning a herd of sheep.

The women, in this particular movie, are not given the right accorded to them now in terms of choice in marriage. The movie made me feel like a traveler who is trying to discover a world that is different from my own. The experiences of the characters is something new to me and as I compare myself to these people, I felt fortunate and inspired because of the lessons learned from their experience. The main characters in the film from whom relevant experiences can be drawn are Asa and Tulpan. In the film, Asa recently came to the place from serving the military and desired to have a simple plan of owning sheep (Andrew).

From his desire flowed the rest of the story that introduced Tulpan in the picture. Tulpan did not have much choice as there are only a few females in their community at that time. Even if she did not like Asa that much, she does not have any choice but to deal with him because fate and society dictated them to be together (Tulpan [2008]). Works Cited Andrew, Geoff. Tulpan (2008). Time Out Group. 10 March 2009 <http://www. timeout. com/film/reviews/86013/Tulpan. html>. Tulpan (2008). IGN. 10 March 2009 <http://www. rottentomatoes. com/m/tulpan/>.