Understanding the Movie Shallow Grave essay

The movie “Shallow Grave” is seen to be one of the thematic drama films which tell about the story that depicts the characteristics of human behavior and the power of monetary value to influence the life and mind of an individual. Just in the early part of the movie, the presence of money and a mind manipulated by the ill-will to acquire vast amount of money from unlawful activity are widely depicted and established to be a major element in the film’s theme and story.

With the story of the movie that tells about the ill-driven desire for money and various psychological distresses, it is seen accurate that suspense-drama is the best suitable theme for the tale and sequence of events in the movie, which depicts the narrative of three-professional who are seen to be in a healthy relationship until the day that their individual desire for easy money, despite of misconduct, has entered into the picture and altered everything into a horrendous outcome.

Thus, the psychological distresses that the main characters in the story have experienced due to their involvement to misdemeanor and felony has also seen to be one of the main factors that adds more color and twists to the story and the theme of the movie wherein the three main characters are seem to have been struggling in their lives to be able to get back into their normal lives after all the shenanigans that they have been through that have caused them to changed their lives and their relationship with each other.

In the end, it can be said that each characters in the movie is seen to be specifically designed to render a clear picture of human nature, which depicts the character of the people to desire for the greater advantage and superiority over the other people at all cause. Thus, with the portrayal of three main characters, the narrative of money, personal motives and drama that are seen to be the main elements in the movie, it seen evident that the movie is living a picture of how manipulative money can be in the life of an individual and how people could easily be deceived by this presence.

Nonetheless, the theme of drama in the movie is seen to be well apparent throughout the story of the movie wherein the sequence of events depicts how the healthy relationship of three people has been ruined and end up tragically just because of their personal desire to pocket the greater amount of money which they got with misconduct.