U.S. American Culture essay essay

In U.S. American Culture people respected each other’s individual freedom and don’t ask someone that they don’t know well about their private. Whereas in India is considered as collectivist they consider harmony highly, they care about each other’s life and help each other in their life. The Indian people often asking others about their private life this was their way to get closer and shows their friendly attitude. Like when Aunt Ji asking private matters like what his father does for his life, what he is doing for his life and his relationship this to shows their friendly attitude and shows that they want to get closer with him.

Power distance is the strength of social hierarchy that extent power of the hierarchy unequally distributed.

The stages of culture shock that Todd went through in adjusting himself to Indian society are irritability and hostility, gradual adjustment, adaptation of biculturalism. Todd was going through the irritability and hostility stage when he experienced that the way the Indians works was different with how the Americans works and it’s so inefficient. When Todd begins to be more open about the Indian culture he is going through the gradual adjustment stage. Todd is going through the adaptation of biculturalism stage when he learned how to work efficiently with the Indians and the way they work.