Tyrone Powers essay


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Tyronespent his youth in Baltimore City, at a place whose environmentdescribe what most refer to as a ghetto. His life was filled withexperiences of senseless murders and immense drug dealing. In thebook Eyes to My Soul, Tyrone is described to have worked hard toescape committing crimes in his early days. In one statement, Tyronestated that he hated his situation, he hated those who were in thesame position as his and that at several occasions he was close tobecoming a victim. He attributed his self-hate and desire for crimeto what he had been experiencing while growing up. Through theexperiences, therefore, it is evident of how Tyrone hated hisneighborhood. He hated the crime that filled the atmosphere of wherehe was raised. He hoped to change this. His ambition of becoming apolice officer was therefore influenced by what he had been goingthrough while growing up.

Tyronehad an uncontrolled anger and self-hate. He had troubles whilegrowing up. His Black-American background contributed to theself-hate. He blamed his background on the events that he underwentduring his early life. He even blamed his inability to perform in thefact that his ancestors were slave sand, therefore, lacked theability to attend school. Such, however, are mere allegations. Everyindividual can shape their lifestyle despite the social or ethicalbackground. The daily struggles of racism had an adverse impact onhis life. However, these were hurdles that he could overcome. This isseen clearly after he changes his mind after his mother advised himand gave him examples of individuals who succeeded despite thechallenges of racism.


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