Tundra Hemse Slatten Lakt essay

TundraHemse Slatten Lakt

TundraHemse Slatten Lakt

Themanual was written on the assumption that the floor had already beenprepared for flooring.

1.Lay the pieces of flooring in the room in which you plan toinstall the flooring. Allow the flooring to sit in the room for 48hours so that the material can climatize, or adjust to the roomtemperature.

2.You need a vapor barrier beneath the flooring. If moisture is nota problem use red rosin as a slip sheet between the flooring and subflooring. It helps eliminate friction between the wood layers. Makesure that slip sheets fit perfectly at the joints.

3. In your first row place the board after cutting the grove, makingsure that the tongue faces the center of the room. Leave a space of 8mm between the wood and the wall for expansion where you will placethe spacers. This process should be repeated for all boards adjacentto the wall.

4.Try joining two boards together if the row is a bit longer andmore boards are needed, by fitting the groove into the tongue. Makesure that it perfectly fits. You can use any hammer for fitting.

5.If the board does not fit, take an additional board, measure thedistance left remembering the wall space that must be left. Cut theboard with a handsaw and fix it while the tongue faces the center ofthe room.

6.After the first raw is firmly attached, begin at one end to attachthe second row by locking the tongue and grove. Then repeatedly fillthe row and tap the wood with a mallet and block for a tight fitbetween the boards. Make sure that a space of 8 mm is always leftbetween the board and the wall.

7.Drill holes in the board for radiator pipes and cut it with ahandsaw, into two, fit the first board followed by the other partthen join them tightly by a block and hammer.

8.When you reach the last part, make sure to leave a space of 8 mmbetween the board and floor, measure the board you need to fix andcut it with a handsaw and fix the grove to the tongue and for a firmfit use a hammer but gently to avoid damage.


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