Travel Destination essay




Travellingis an important activity which is loved by everybody from a youngage, and most people would want to have an experience. As an activityit essential since it gives an individual the opportunity to relax ortake a break from work or daily activities. It is also viewed aseducative since It is interesting to see how people with differentand culture or even mentality relate and live. Travelling is also funsince you will have to socialize and visit places that are fun to bein. Most people view and understand that travelling is excitingthough there are some who see the hustle of packing using publictransport as a hectic process which makes them unhappy withtravelling.

Firstof all, we most of us were introduced to other countries or regionsthrough televisions, pictures or the internet. Programmes, photos andarticles from the web have the information of cultures, languages,food and even sights that other places have. This makes itinteresting to travel and see these aspects of other regions in theworld. People will go to other countries for business, studies orleisure and visiting places of interest. Looking at all theseperspectives, people who visit enjoy interacting and learn more aboutother cultures and gain knowledge and acquire information of anotherenvironment. If we don’t travel, we will become insular. Travellingbridges the gaps between countries. This means that people who visitwill adopt other cultures way of dressing, language, food and otherthings which they share with their motherland.

IfI could visit three places anywhere in the world, I would chooseFrance, Greece and Australia. According to my opinion, I always findtravelling as an enjoyable activity since one has the views ofall-around, increase knowledge of other environments and also getsthe opportunity to learn about other cultures. One of the places thatI would like to visit if I could is France or the City of Romance.Paris according to my opinion is one of the most fashionable andbeautiful city in the world. Most of the people admire this and thusmakes France one of the most desired places in the world by thetourists. It offers a pleasant climate, vibrant historical locationsand varying cultures for the tourists to experience. This is what isconsidered by most people as the total package. The sense ofhistorical value is the most promising aspect of France. It has beenheavily invested in the history of the world. They have many andfamous historical structures that are recognised in many academichistory books this is besides being a well-known and developedEuropean country. These structures include Palais des, Papes. Palaceof Versailles, Chateau de Chambord, Chartres Cathedral, Louvre, Museed’ Orsat, Notre Dame de Paris and the Eiffel Tower. These are themajor tourist attraction historic structures that a located inFrance. I would take a view from the top of from Eiffel Tower whichis said to have the best and fabulous view of the

Franceis also the one of the most Praised Natural attraction andCountryside in the world. These refer to the French Riviera, Alps andPyrenees mountain chains, the Corsica Island and Gorge du Verdon( itis a 25-kilometre canyon that rises to over 2,000 feet and VerdonRiver is below it.) which promotes water sports such as sailing,water-skiing and rafting.

Theother reason why I would choose France as my travelling Destinationis its richness in a culture which one can immerse while taking atour in this country. This is their unique customs of foods and winesthat are famous in the world. There are existing and new food tasteexperiences in this country. This is a major attraction and italluring to ensnare other foreigners to visit and me.

Australiais the second destination that I could get to if I could. This isbecause of its landscapes and animals which are many. Weather inAustralia is perfect in most of the places and this includes most ofthe coastal areas. This makes it an excellent and popular attractionto most of the tourists and travellers in the world not forgetting itis a country with total freedom meaning that anyone can do anythingthey want, live anywhere, work anywhere, goes to school anywhere andeven have many children as you want. This makes people from othercountries want to visit and learn about the residents in thiscountry.

Thereare many tourist attractions sites in Australia such as the GreatBarrier Reef in North Queensland, the Magnetic Island, BillabongCentaury, round in the Townsville area and Australia wide there isGold Coast, Air Rock, great scenic views in most places and uniqueand weird creatures. There is a range of native animals in thiscountry, which includes Echidna, Koalas, Wombat, and Kangaroo. Mostof the animals in Australia are mammals. The most known animal andmarsupial that is associated with Australia is the Kangaroo. Thereare 50 different species of Kangaroo the largest called the Large redwhich can stand 2.1 metres high. Other unique creatures in Australiaare the Platypus (aquatic and a bill like that of a duck, has far andpoisonous spurs) which is found in southern, eastern Australiastreams.

Greeceas my third choice of destination has the best or spectacularlandscapes and unique culture. There are so many things in thiscountry to learn about and explore. This is a major attraction sinceone cannot exhaust learning and exploration in this country. It has aperfect climate that is neither hot nor cold making the temperaturesideal for each person to have an opportunity to enjoy the variety ofactivities in this tourist destination. Natural diversity in thisarea and landscapes and places that are not typically found togetherin other locations meaning that one can find something of everythingin this region. Some call this place a miniature world since thereare islands, beautiful beaches, great forests, snow covered mountainsand castle sites. It is often referred as the land of Islands. Thereare many islands with different shapes and great beaches. This makesit an attractive destination for most of the tourists as they gothere to have a chance to relax by having fun activities and enjoyingthe crystal blue water.

Thereare amazing monuments and great Heritage sites found in Greece. Theseare such as the Archaeological Site of Delphi and the medieval townof Mystras located in Peloponnese. Another place is the Acropolis andthe New Acropolis Museum. This shows the meeting point of Greek pastand future and also indicating the origin of western civilisation.Dodoni and Epidauros are music theatres that beautiful sites fortourist to learn about the ancient Architecture.

Foodin Greek is unique, and it is the world’s exquisite Mediterraneanflavours. It’s not only tasty food but also healthy since it isbased on healthy products and the recipes have been changed andperfected over time by the Greek families. The country has multiplehotels and many five star Hotels. 51 Marinas in the country help inthe provision of electricity, fuel, water and other importantamenities. This makes the region a good and educative place that onewould learn and while still having fun.

Greecehas a well-equipped infrastructure which makes it easy to commute todifferent tourist destinations sites. This has encouraged people tochoose this country as a destination due to its modern infrastructurefacilities.

Travellingis an important activity that develops perspective. One can comparedifferent regions, environment and cultures. These three countriesmay not have exotic places like other, but they have a variety ofcultures, foods, and sites that would make them comparable. The richculture and the excellent infrastructure facilities in the threecountries make them an attractive destination for tourist and otherpeople for learning and increasing knowledge of the environment,history, different species and even having fun in the differentenvironments. Since the three countries offer most of these aspectsthat make them the best destination for me if I had a chance.


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