Translation would not be necessary essay

There are a lot of dilemmas brought about by misinterpretations and mistranslations. This is brought about the fact that not all words can be directly translated to another dialect. In addition, not all translations can have the same meaning as the original context. Regarding this photo, one will notice that the signs are in a different language. However, since this is a photograph, as it should speak for itself, the translation of the words written in their signs is not necessary for one to understand the bigger picture.

They are out in a rally and there is something they want to fight for. Unfortunately, the photograph was not able to capture the essence of people gone out in a rally; it did not even seem that the picture was taken during a rally. Instead, they look like they were still collecting thenselves in assembly ready to walk forward. If the photographer wished to capture the drama, he should have taken the shot to a closer perspective.

The highlight should be the face, and not just the foundation shot of their entire rally. Although it appears that the picture tried to capture a broader perspective of the event, taking it from far away missed the emotions he could have captured. It served its purpose, but it failed as a photograph.

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