Traffic and impatient customers essay

There are questions that relates to the essay entitled “Be Cool to the Pizza Dude” which is written by Sarah Adams. These questions include: What four virtues does Adams gain by being cool to the pizza dude? What do these suggest about Adams’s values? The essay mainly talks about the different forks of life and how to face it. The author is aware that we deal the same experiences, trials, problems, opportunities and rewards in life such that we must treat others with fairness and respect.

Therefore, we live in the same world with its dynamic changes that we must be fair in all our dealings with other people. How can we face life when it changes all the time like a cycle or a wheel? Sarah Adams had given four philosophies to that effect. She likened life to a pizza delivery wherein we need to be cool about it. Why is that so? This is because the truth is that people tend to be angry or annoyed when a pizza delivery man would be late in its errand. Is it not a negative attitude to feel that way to a pizza delivery man?

Well, there are many reasons why he would be late and we need to adjust to it. Why can’t we practice humility and forgiveness instead? There are also instances that a pizza delivery man may intrude us in our travel in the streets by means of taking the lane over us. Is it right that we should let them do it? Yes. Anyway, the pizza delivery could be in favor of different people regardless of gender, race, color, age and station in life. That is one principle that the practice of giving safe passage, practice, restraint, courtesy, and containing anger should be exercised.

The second principle is something that is so difficult to do. Is it possible that we could feel empathy to the pizza delivery man? The job of delivering pizza is a good and decent source of income and if a person has a job more than that it is just a fortunate thing to accept. And there are times those things changes wherein a wealthy person now becomes poor tomorrow or a banker now was a debtor yesterday. Our heartfelt empathy to the pizza delivery dude is like putting ourselves in his shoes. Pizza delivery is an honorable job and we need to practice and honor honest work as it is done.

While it is true that delivering pizza does not earn huge amount of money compared to a work as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company, it is also acceptable that honor is for the pizza delivery dude if he works honestly while the CEO practices fraud and dishonesty. Is it not disgusting to know that dishonesty might be done by a CEO while a pizza delivery dude is just there to honestly deliver pizza amidst the traffic and impatient customers at times? Hence, pizza delivery is an honest job and it is a practice of honest work (Adams, 2005, p. 1).

The fourth principle is just simple: being cool to the pizza delivery man is a practice of fairness and equality (Adams, 2005, p. 1). The measurement of equality should not be based on the kind of life we live but on the kindness that rests in our hearts. The pizza delivery dude deserves our respect in times that he may be late in delivering pizza simply because we are kind. We should not belittle his job and his capacity to work for we do not know what he had met along the way when he honestly delivers the food for us to eat.

Finally, the values that the author shows in the essay are being honest, fair, kind and compassionate to other people. It can be reflected in the essay that the author believes in honest living that reap positive rewards all along. It is therefore true that we are all equal in this world that we do not have the right to treat others with unfairness.


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