Topic Reflection essay


Indeveloping the introduction and the literature review, it has becomeevident that it is imperative to be clear about what the reviewfocuses on. This requires some time to think about this as well assome engagement in preliminary reading as this will assist indefining the topic. Further, this brings clarity as far as theboundaries are concerned through identifying the issues that aresupposed to be included and those to be excluded, while providingreasons.

Ithas also become evident that with a topic that is well defined, acomprehensive research of the literature can be carried out withparticular objectives in mind. The search is supposed to be conductedin a systematic manner, while considering databases, journals and keyauthors, as well as the proper search terms which will provideoptimal results. Additionally, the list of references of the readingsprovided more channels of pursuing key articles.

Ultimately,when coming up with the introduction and literature review, I learntthat the review is supposed to engage with the primary literaturewhile avoiding dependence of assessment of a specific study by otherindividuals. Once collection of relevant articles, books and otherdocuments has commenced, it is important to attempt to structure thereading in order to get an overview before exploration of the finerdetails once their relevance to the specific topic of review has beenidentified (Gliner &amp Morgan, 2000). Such an arrangement alsoimplies that the comprehensive studies can be more detailed andappropriately understood since they will be read with the fundamentalcontext and background already identified. Further, I learnt that itis imperative not to loose track and that relevant and necessaryinformation should be read instead of information that is appealingand easy. Regardless of this, information that is pertinent onlybecame clear when I started planning and writing the literaturereview and I had to structure the arguments and ideas in a way thatwould create a detailed, logical and coherent review.


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