Topic Getting support for my evidence base practice proposal essay

Topic:Getting support for my evidence base practice proposal

Gettingsupport for my evidence base practice proposal

Somesteps that can be taken in order to get support for implementation oftheevidencebased practice proposal can be considered from a viewpoint of thoseconducting research or generating knowledge those who utilize theevidence based information practically as well as the ones who linkgeneration of knowledge to the users of the knowledge. In order toget support from the chief nurse executive for successfulimplementation of the proposal, it will be imperative to considercreation and distillation of knowledge which entails carrying outresearch, while considering expected variations as a means ofreadiness for use in systems concerned with healthcare delivery.Consequently, pertinent findings should be put together to produceresults that are actionable. This will assist in increasing thechances of implementing the proposal and putting it into practice.

Itis important that the process of distilling knowledge be based on andled by the end users so that the proposal can be implemented in thedelivery of care. In order to convince the chief nurse executive tosupport the proposal, the principle applied in distillation ofknowledge must be comprised of views of the end users includingcapacity to be applied in actual health care settings, viability aswell as amount of evidence required by health care organizations andclinicians. Further, considerations associated with conventionalgeneration of knowledge must also be considered. It will also beimperative to diffuse and disseminate the information about theproposal through partnering with the chief nurse executive and otherpartners in order to circulate knowledge which can inform action tothose who may use it (Melnyk &amp Fineout-Overholt, 2011). Effortstowards dissemination are supposed to utilise multifaceted strategieswhile emphasizing on methods and means which are most effective forspecific people such as pharmacists, physicians or nurses.


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