Topic Community Policing Partnerships essay

Topic:CommunityPolicing Partnerships

Lens1: Patrol Officer

Theeffect of media coverage in regards to the rate of crime is anindication that the media can greatly assist law enforcement throughhighlighting some of the issues that are faced by the community thatrequire assistance from the police.

Inorder to accurately portray the situation and solutions that can beemployed in dealing with the issue to the media, the police can seekthe input of some of the influential people within the Anonymouscommunity. This is because such people have a good understanding ofthe magnitude of the problem.

Thepolice and media partners can work together in highlight theprevailing issues and the opinion of the community can becommunicated to the rest of the city through the media.

Itwill be critical for the media and police to have a good workingrelationship to allow the media to act as a communication media forthe police to the community. Further, the community can also give itsopinion on actions taken by the police in order to ensure that theyare effective and ultimately beneficial.

Lens2: Community member

Mediacoverage of the crimes in the Anonymous Community demonstrated thesignificance of a good association between the media and the policeis critical towards providing the community with the actual pictureof the situation on the ground. Further, the police can use the goodrelationship to communicate to the community the actions that aresupposed to be taken to make the situation better and how thecommunity can assist to achieve this.

Thepolice should seek the input of members of the community in order tomake sure that what they portray to the media concerning thesituation in the Anonymous Community is accurate.

Togetherwith the media partners, the police can use the resources availableto them to collect views of the people living within the community inorder to come up with solutions. Additionally, the police, throughthe media, can inform the community of the plans it has towardsdealing with the issue and how it will be beneficial to them.

Ultimately,to adequately deal with the issue in the Anonymous community, it willbe imperative for the two entities to have a good workingrelationship. This will entail the media giving accurate and unbiasedreports and the police acting on issues not based on the reports ofthe media, but on investigations that it has conducted. Further, thepolice can also provide information to the media in regards to thebenefits associated with changing the situation within the community.

Itwas most challenging to respond to these issues from the viewpoint ofa community member who has lived in the community for 25 years. Thiswas because the community member may not have adequate knowledge ofthe manner in which an association between the media and the policemay be beneficial considering that the situation has remained thesame in the community for a long time.

Anapplication of information shared within the text can be appropriateand practical in terms of accurate portrayal of information to thepublic. This is seen in the fact that the media has to operate withsome form of censorship and is supposed to face some kind of legalaction in the event that it publishes information that is nottruthful (Miller, Hess &amp Orthmann, 2014).


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