To prove to the examiner essay

Basically you need to be able to prove to the examiner/interviewer that you are the perfect candidate for this job. You will need to show good customer awareness skills and provide evidence that you are able to listen to the needs of your customer and act accordingly. When they ask you about your past experiences, they wish to determine that you have the relevant knowledge to do the job effectively. I have prepared some possible interview questions that the company in question are likely to ask, and attached the model answer for you to use. Q.

Tell me where you have been able to provide a service to anyone over the phone. How were you able to deal with the customers request. A. Start by stating who you previously worked for. Give an example of any past work experience you may have had using the phone. Go into detail as to how you answered the phone, what you said, introduce yourself and the company you worked for. Give specific examples of how you firstly listened to the customers request. Emphasis the importance of taking every detail you need so that you understand the customers question.

Then state that using your own product knowledge how you were able to assist the customer. Q. How were you able to provide accurate information to the customer? A. Stress the importance of product knowledge. Give a previous example from your own experiences how you were able to satisfy the customers needs by using your product knowledge. Tell the interviewer that you always are prepared to learn and absorb any information in order to help the customer. Q. Have you ever felt that the customer wasn’t satisfied with your help? A. Always say yes to question.

Suggest that sometimes, no matter how helpful you can try to be, some customers will not get the answer they want. Make sure you stress that this was no fault of your own or lack of knowledge on your part, but because the company you previously worked for were not able to cater to the customers specific demands. Tell the interviewer that you are always willing to help however, but sometimes you have to accept the customer will not get what they want. Your job is to lessen the blow. Q. What are your experiences in researching healthcare? A. This is a specific question.

You will have to provide all information you have yourself on what experiences you have gained. This does not necessarily need to be paid experience. You can perhaps suggest that you had to do a project for school or something along those lines. Q. Are you able to determine what service a particular customer would need? A. Always answer yes. Advise that you can judge what a customer may want by something as simple as their sex. For example, a woman may want contraception pill advise. You can gain a head start by pre-empting what the customer may want.

However stress that this isn’t always the case and that you will always listen to each customers needs before answering. Q. Have you ever been in a situation where the customers emotions have made you deal with the enquiry differently? A. Again answer yes. Suggest that your tone of voice must relate to how the customer is feeling. For example, if they sound sad, depressed or have told you some confidential information, you need to be able to relate and be sympathetic without losing any sense of professionalism. Again stress the importance of always listening to the customer and taking it from there.

Q. Are you a team player? A. Advise yes. Say that working in a team enables you to and your unit to work together and pull together towards one goal and that is customer satisfaction. However, suggest that you are able to work without the reliance of anyone and that you are able to use your own initiative when required. Always say that it is important to help a team member if they are struggling as essentially you are all trying to achieve the same thing. I trust that these answers are of some use to you. Good luck with the interview.