The use of contraceptives controversy essay


Theuse of contraceptives controversy

Theuse of contraceptives controversy

Theuse of contraceptives among women in the effort of birth control isone major issue that is politicized in the United States. Three yearsago, the congress approved the Affordable Care Act in PresidentObama’s administration. After this approval and its implementationthat allowed women to access medical care, such as the use ofcontraceptives has sparked a lot of divisive debate in the recentpast (Patel and Rushefsky, 2014). Free access to contraceptives hasthus attracted heated debate and controversy more than any otherhealthcare issue. From an economic point of view, this initiative wasaimed at providing individuals from poor backgrounds an alternative,safe and easy way of handling birth control (Patel and Rushefsky,2014).

However,many organizations as well as individuals have immerged to opposethis government initiative. Religious organizations such as theCatholic Church has spear-headed the opposing organizations, on theuse of contraceptives among women (Patel and Rushefsky, 2014).Cultural values have played a big part in opposing this move as theyregard pregnancy as a normal human condition as opposed to being adisease as depicted by this initiative. Such cultural and religiousgroups have argued that provision of free contraceptives to women isnot under the category of basic health care (Patel and Rushefsky,2014).

Asa result, this controversy has generated ethical as well as legaldilemma in the nursing profession. It is important to understand thatthere exist legal organizations such as the National Women’s LawCentre that champions on women health matters (Huerta and Maville,2014). Such organizations support for the use of contraceptives amongwomen and provide legal aids to their victims. The nursing professionis left at crossroads not sure whether the practice is indeed ethicalor not. Typically, the federal regulatory agencies tend to givelittle attention healthcare professionals in regards to such matters.The debate is mostly dominated by various groups representing theirrespective organizations as well as interests (Huerta and Maville,2014).


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