The Trinity nature of God essay

TheTrinity nature of God


TheTrinity nature of God

Thenature of God has been one of the seriously debated issues in theChristian cycles with non-Christians arguing that Christians believein three different Gods. They base their evidence on theinterpretation of scriptures and claim that Christians have threeGods, and their relationship starts with the father as the Head ofthe hierarchy of divinity (Miller, 2012). Each god has uniquecharacteristics, for instance, God the Father according to Genesis14:19, “he is the highest God, the creator of the universe”.Deuteronomy 10:17 describes him as the “ruler of all other gods,King of Kings” and Revelation 21:22 refers to him as “Almighty”.

Godthe Son or Jesus Christ is another God, second in the hierarchy,(Miller, 2012). John 5:19, 30-31 says “the Son can do nothingwithout the Father.” Jesus says that he came to seek not his ownbut the will of the Father, who sent him. John 6:57 says, “I livebecause the Father lives” and Acts 2:36 refers to God as the “headof Christ.” Therefore, the Father is supreme to all and theprimary source of everything. The Bible in the book of Gen.1:26 talks about God consulting on the creation of man and he says“let us, in our” meaning he was not alone but with the other two(the Son and the Holy Spirit). AlthoughChristians claim to have only one God based on the Deuteronomy6:4which says “there is only one God,” it is highly debatable.

TheTrinity notion has made many past, and modern people in England doubtthe Christianity teachings, with some referring to it as a cult(belief in various gods). Muslims for example, believe thatChristians have three gods (Miller, 2012). Additionally, most of the1stand 2nd– century people followed the Justin Martyr Christology and believedin the pre-existent of Christ “a finite divine creature.” In themodern society, the notion is persisted and has resulted in theemergence of various Christian doctrines all seeking a new Bibleinterpretation.


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