The transmigration of soul essay

Hinduism believes in the philosophy of rebirth. It believes that the body can be destroyed, whereas the soul cannot be destroyed. The soul changes its outer form by adopting various bodies. The cycle of rebirth continues infinitely, unless the soul attains freedom from the bondage of birth and rebirth. Life is interpreted as a bondage which is a result of the actions or karma done in the past lives. The equation is very straight and absolutely logical. If one performs good actions or karma, the result will be a better

life in future and if bad actions or karma are performed, the result will be bad life in future. Similarly, the current status of life and its events are a sum-total of the actions performed in the past. Bad actions will push the soul back into the vicious circle of transmigration to various forms of bodies, whereas good actions help in purification of the soul and bring it closer to God. This state of recognizing God is known as attaining moksha, the ultimate place where the soul is free from all types of bondage, and the soul

does not have to get back to transmigration in various forms of bodies. It is FREE from all bondages. It is the ultimate and the only state of true happiness Grace This paragraph denounces the selfishness and the egoism bound into the character of all human beings. The height of selfishness is reached when one prays to God for his own personal gains and favors. Human ego leads to ambitions, and when ambitions are too high, they lead to destruction also. Had Hitler not been too ambitious and revengeful,

would the second world war have ever occurred ? The selfishness and ego, are the two virtues in every human being which are worth denouncing. These two virtues do not allow one to live with a peaceful mind. The blessings of God are continuously being showered upon each and every being on this earth, in terms of eternal grace, but those who cannot control these two virtues within themselves, are not able to pick up this graceful rain of infinite blessings of God. These blessings are divine and have profound

energy within themselves which is healing and illuminating. Selfishness and personal motives are like a high rocky hill, and ego is like hard barren soil, on which the ceaseless shower of God’s blessings does fall, but is not absorbed. It flows away. To absorb these blessings and attain peace of mind, it is important that ego and selfishness are eliminated from within. The mystery of evil Where is the root of the so-called misery in every one’s life ? There is hardly any human being who does not feel unhappy.

Everybody seeks peace of mind . Why is this so? Why is everyone unhappy ? Those who have the earthly possessions do not have the emotional security of family, and those who have it do not have the money. Almost all of us, always, keep on experiencing that something is lacking in our lives. This feeling is a result of self centered desires. It can be called an awareness which always says , “ I want this”. In reality, one has to understand that all the five fingers are never of the same length.

It is a way of God, that if something is bountiful in life, something else is bound to be lacking. This is the principle of awareness. It is a matter of simple understanding and being satisfied with whatever life has given you. The venom of a snake can be poisonous or healing. Similarly, if the shortfalls of life are well understood, they may be healing but if misunderstood, they may be poison also. Power to understand and satisfaction are the virtues which can solve the mysteries of all unhappiness and

misery. Single obstacle, single aim, many paths Selfishness, whether collective or individual, is the main obstacle to true happiness. They are the root cause of almost all dissatisfaction. The ultimate aim of every human being should be to realize the God within ourselves. God, or the divine nature, has nothing to do with our self centered motives. Divine nature can be reached only when one eliminates the tendency to be selfish. It can be achieved only when you submit, in a

selfless manner. Hinduism has laid down many paths to attain this divine nature, and one should follow them. These paths are not based only on theory, but on sacred wisdom. They are tested by time, and proved to be true. These paths were laid down thousands of years before newer faiths like Islam and Christianity were born, and are very authentic. If followed faithfully, they can bear the fruits of sanctity, and make you realize the supreme power, God, within yourself.