The tenacity of a weasels and the aloofness of a moth essay

The stories of nature portray the duality that is observed through various perceptions. The observed behaviors are often that the mannerisms of the observer may associated with awe and dismay. The weasel is a determined adversary. The ability for the jaws to attack and attach to anything are retold in many stories. The only problems that are observed is that tenacity is mistaken for stubborn and the weasel’s determination often leads to the demise of the animal. The exact opposite of a predator is the moth. The association of the moth is that it leaves garments with holes.

Virginia Woolf describes the sites of a moth in a window as “The Death of a Moth”. One observes the moth drifting by the air current and the escapism of illogic. Not able to be described than the flight patterns of a primitive dance. The casual observer notices that the randomness of the flight is to be displayed as attempts to escape. It “has little or nothing but life”. Traveling across the wind to an underdetermined location only to be observed escaping. The description that was most poignant is that is “so simple a form of energy” to be observed.

When viewed the strangeness will not be forgotten. The spectacle of its obliviousness is to be understood with its exasperation. The attempts to succeed only bring its demise. Annie Dilliard provides the most interesting stories of determination of “Living Like Weasels”. Its relentlessness is the only ability that allows for success. The incisors and mandibles allow for its survival in the wilderness. The stories that have been retold have recanted the observations that the animals attempts have outlived itself.

The intriguing stories include the animals attack on humans, it’s prey, and birds. The story of the hunter that had shot an eagle found that the skull of a weasel still attached to the eagle. It had never let go and thus the transition of life never seized to amaze the hunter. The farmer that had walked back to his farm with the weasel still attached to his hand. The determination that had not let go of his hand only brought the frustration of the situation equivalent with his own pain threshold.

The instincts that are observed only in the predatory skills are only observed in the fiercest of animals. The authors express the fascination with their observation of the wildlife in the opposite ends of the survivability skills. The instinct of survival naturally are observed in every effort to conquer nature. The accomplishments of these animals in nature to have “every moment to the perfect freedom of single necessity”. The author’s musings are that the interest in the mammal and insect are only as fascinating as the observations are retold.