The technological development essay

The paper will give an overview of the current developments that have occurred over a period of a few years for the world and what effect they will have in the future. There is an assumption that is made for the development, that in synchronization of the past trend, it is assumed that the future trend will also be the same. Hence, it can be said the technological development will continue to take place and there will be a number of changes that will take place in the way we do things. The paper will append a few sources in APA format.

Development in Technology There has been an exponential growth in the development of technology. This means that there has been a lot of development in the variety of technology that is being built as well as the fact that the use of technology in daily life has also increased for an average middle income family. The use of television in various households began a number of decades back and the use of television and the internet have also increased. These are two of the ways that the technology is used.

There are various other ways that the technology can be used so that there is further understanding of the choices that are available for development. It is known and stated by a number of researchers that there is plenty of room for the technology to grow. There are a number of directions that technology can take the human brain and then the human brain can also think up of various ways of using technology. It is all a vicious cycle that goes on with the objective of allowing technology to grow.

As it is said by Marlene, “The combination of the telephone and the Internet will provide more uses and conveniences than imagined just ten years ago. The telephone is likely to be the pivotal technology, so that people will have personal numbers that can be taken with them as they transfer from job to job, and home to home. It is already possible to use the telephone for receiving email messages and surfing the net. ” (Maheu, 2007 ) According to this researcher, there are a number of ways in which the telephone can be explored for different uses.

She says that the virtual lovers will also be allowed to get closer with one another so that there are no problems of communicating. All excuses of long distance communication will be defeated and there will now be short distance calling, wherever the individuals are situated. “Mobile phone carriers now allow you to pick a variety of news, sports, weather, and stock market reports several times a day. Telephones and Internet services are merging, bringing increased opportunities for virtual lovers to be in email or voicemail contact through telephones.

” (Maheu, 2007 ) However, the paper should discuss the effect of television and the print ads on the advertising techniques that will be adopted by a company. The three ways that can be recognized to bring a change in the advertising channels used by companies are the following: 1. Mobile phones will take charge that will in turn require the companies to send the individual mobile service providers with their advertisements. 2. Mobile televisions will need to have the advertisements shown on them as well through specific satellites for catering to an elite class.

3. The internet would require motion advertisements and print ads to be provided extensively for helping to attract several people. Currently, a number of companies use print ads as well television ads in a combination in order to promote the products and the services that they are selling. “Depending on its size, your business probably spends anywhere from $1000 to $10000 a month on marketing and advertising. This is how you reach new customers and grow your business.

The common outlets are radio, network TV, cable TV, and newspaper. ” (Shayne, 2006 ) All these techniques and channels are used as a combination for different target markets because there are a number of people who get to read the newspaper everyday whereas there are some that only but when they see and get attracted to a certain bill board in town. Hence, there is a need for the companies to come up with different ways of attracting customers because all these channels have been exhausted.

It can be said that the traditional advertising channels will not be completely eradicated such as bill board and banners because these all will be used to target those individuals who can not afford to buy the expensive channels that have been described above and hence, there is a need to think of the benefit of these people as well. The companies can use the billboards for such people in order to get the message across. The “bottom of the pyramid” individuals should not be ignored because they also provide a large contribution to the success and the profits of the company.

This is why a lot of stress is being provided to advertising for all target markets. The following section will provide an overview of what technological developments will take place in the coming future and what effect these changes will have on the way the companies will attract and advertise to their current target market. This is a challenge for the company that must be fulfilled so that there is a competitive edge over all other companies that would be achieved. How Advertising a Product/Service Will Be Impacted By the Changing Technology

“The website should include nice graphics, fast load times, as well as an accurate presentation of your business. The website also needs to be optimized for search engine visibility which is not the same thing as search engine submission, or Meta tags. When done properly, your Internet investment can easily provide you with years of valuable advertising at a cost that is nominal compared to other outlets. ” (Shayne, 2006 ) The companies will have to concentrate on advertising on the internet.

The reason for such a decision is that the internet is a growing field and there are a number of people who would now rather check their mails over the internet on their mobile. The mobile phones have been a great invention and it allows the individual to have various options that he / she can perform in order to save time. The main concept of today’s world is to work hard to survive and this means that any individual will need to keep up with the fast moving pace of the world.

If he / she stop for a while, there is a chance that he / she may be left behind. This is the rule of the world that has now been observed. One of the products and services that will be changed due to technology would be the increased use of mobile phones and mobile televisions that will be used extensively in daily lives. Currently, a mobile phone is a necessity but it will grow even further in the next ten years and this is due to the reason that the television programs will be watched on the mobile phone individually.

So which constraints, there is a chance that even the television options will be shifted on the phone where the company will now have to sell their advertisements to the mobile companies. It is already observed that televisions have come into cars in order to provide them with traveling assistance in the car. The companies would have to think of shorter ads where the idea is sent across faster than any other message so that there is not much time of the individual that is wasted in watching the ad in order to get the idea of the product and the benefits that are attached to it after use.The technology of television and mobile phones will continue to merge till there is no room for improvement.


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